Sub-$1000 preamp recommedations sought

A friend who has a pair of B&W Nautilus 805 speakers and a power amp of moderate quality (sorry, don't know brand) is looking for a good preamp (as well as a CDP). Any preamp suggestions (used or new) in the $700-1000 range much appreciated. Her audio dealer is trying to sell her a Rotel RC 1070. Thanks.
It may take some looking but a used Levinson ML-1 can
be had for about $1000. I owned one about eight years
ago. It was excellent.....transparent, solid bass,
three-dimensional. It's not at the same level as my
380S but it's quite good. I'd venture to say it's better
than the Rotel (and I own a Rotel 1075 for my HT setup).
A McIntosh C712. I have had 6 preamps in my system and, for the money, the C712 is fantastic. Classe CP50 is even better for a little more money. I highly recommend these two models. Arthur
Tube Audio Design-150 can be had for around $800 new and 5-600 used. I went through five pre's in '04 and finally settled on this one. It is a tube design and comes modified by Paul Gryzbek at Bizzy Bee audio. It also comes with a phono section. Its sound is amazing..

Adcom GFP 750. Very simple circuit. Very popular piece.
Easy to re-sell if desired. Around $700.00 here on Audiogon, used.
If you can find one, the Klyne SK-5A (like mine) is a lovely-sounding preamp, but its best feature is its excellent phono section. Perhaps not worth the search if your friend is not into analog.
Audio Research LS3 ,anywhere from 650-950$ depending on condition ans seller's eager.I am happy with mine.
I recently bought a rotel RC-1070 and RB-1070. I am very pleased witht he purchase - >$1100 OTD. I use them to power my B&W804.
Dared slp2000 if you want cheap. Actually really quite good. Audio Note M-1, another choice.
Correction: the correct model is the Dared sl 2000a. For under $1000, nothing beats a tube pre. Over $1000, there are some nice solid state ones to consider.

For around $1000, bel canto pre1 is solid state and is really more upscale than Adcom or Rotel will ever be.
The T-61 tubed pre from Audio Mirror is very nice and priced at $699. Comes with a remote too.
-have seen bat 3ki or a 5 vki (non remote).... sound quality and parts quality hard to beat, also upgradeable...

if you can go a little more then the pse hl-1(really rare)

solid state
-audio research ls-12..the most neutral solid state unit i have ever heard...