Synergistic cable match for Krell + B&W Nautilus

I would like to purchase new speaker cable to run from
my Krell Amp to my B&W Nautilus speakers. We listen
to a lot of classical music in this home. Does anyone
have suggestions?

very good choice,if you can buy new active shilding solid state ref. its the best or less expensive signature 10
I suggest that you try one of the better Tara Labs or Transparent Audio cables.

What type of sound could you expect by using the Tara Labs higher end cable like "The One"?
I am currently running synergistic research resolution reference from my krell amplifier to my B&W m-802s and I must say that I am quite pleased. You might also consider thier interconnects the balanced resolution reference mkII is awsome and can be had for about $500-$600 used.
The very best thing for this setup is Blasting Cord. Once lit will take care of all system problems and you will be able to move on to actual musical components with the insurance money
The new X cables by Synergistic are stunning in the fact that they seem to do everything well. They all seem to have the same sonic signature you just continue to get more of eveything as you go up the chain. The new Signature 10 retails for $725 in 8 ft, the Resolution reference for .5 $1200, the Resolution reference for $2200, the Designer reference .5 for $2800, the Designer reference for $3600 and the Solid state reference for $6000. So as you can see there are many steps available to fit your budget. The blue led's on the speaker cables which are now active create a nice visual ambience in the sound room.
I carry alot of lines and the Synergistic are as good as anything out there depending on flavor.
They are very transparent without sacrificing weight, body,
and delicacy.
I have Krell FPB200c amp run to B&W N802 speakers. I have auditioned Audioquest, Mit, and have purchased Transparent audio Reference with the xl technology. I love the sound and hate the price of that stuff. For me, I could not be happy with any level lower than the reference level. I would also suggest bi-wire cables for these speakers. Thirdly, I run a subwoofer which I route through a seperate preamp for remote controlled volume control and it seems to work slick for setting exact low level foundation to the music.