Synergistic UEF Blue v. Cerious Graphene Matrix Power v. Mad Scientist Audio Nitro Nano

Hi everyone,

I am debating between 3 power cables for use on my Pass XA30.8: Synergistic Research UEF Blue High Current, Cerious Technologies Graphene Matrix, and Mad Scientist Audio Nitro Nano. I am primarily seeking increased transient speed, detail resolution, and bass slam. I like the effects of graphene in my system: I use Cerious Graphene Extreme speaker cables, a Synergistic UEF blue fuse in the XA30.8, and Mad Scientist Audio graphene contact enhancer on connections/Black Discus Nano on power cords, all producing apparent improvements.

The rest of my system: Bluesound Node 2 streamer > Schiit Gungnir Multibit DAC > Krell KRC-3 preamp > Pass XA30.8 power amp > Klipsch Epic CF3 (rebuilt). Current power cables are Audience Powerchord-e. Interconnects are Audioquest Colorado Xlr w/72v DBS.

Which power cord do you think would be best? If you have experience with any of these options, I’d love to hear your thoughts/experiences.


For your priorities probably not SR. They will give you great bass slam but maybe too balanced a presentation. Usually when people talk transient speed its code for they like things tipped up and/or with attack transients hyped out of proportion to harmonic development. You may find them too big and deep and liquid, full and naturally smooth for your taste. 
Thanks for the information. 

I probably misdescribed my priorities a bit. It should be increased bass slam without compromising the speed or resolution that my system currently has. Balanced is likely best.

The Klipsch have horns/compression drivers which can sound hot with the wrong equipment. I would definitely not want skewed treble emphasis.
I have owned the Mad Scientist Nitro and many iterations of Synergistic Research cables, although not the one you listed.
To me, in my system, I was wowed once I completed the loom with all Cerious Matrix cables.

While I haven't tried any of the PC's you're contemplating, I do run a Pass XA30.8 and recently changed the stock cord for a Purist Audio Corvus Luminist.  Within 48 hrs I was noting substantial improvements in smoothness, clarity, detail, and liquidity.  After researching options for this amp the Purist and the Silent Source PC's appeared to have the most consistent reviews of making substantial improvements.   
Purist PC's look intriguing, but sadly they are out of my budget currently. Perhaps down the like one day. Seeking a PC that can best the Powerchord-e under 1k, preferably less. 
@ozzy Do you mind elaborating on your impressions on all three manufacturers' products?

Seeking a PC that can best the Powerchord-e under 1k, preferably less.

I picked up my Purist for just under $1K used.
Triode Wire Labs silver obsession is a giant killer.
very detailed, huge deep soundstage not to bright and not to smooth- just natural and organic.


This might be useful to read

My best MC to date has been the Sablon Elite.

I have Gutwire on test atm, they are good but mucho expensive and unwieldy.

Davids suggestion of TWL sounds good as well especially considering the price.
And don’t forget about the plugs, type and make. Furutech NCF, leGO are good, Bocchino are supposed to be the ultimate but haven’t tried yet.

Also don’t rule out off the reel cables like Nanotec 309 etc.
Excellent thread, I was looking at the Mad Scientist Nitro Nano power cord myself.

I purchased a used Synergistic Research Master Coupler X2 20A power cord after reading threads like this, and I am so happy with the purchase!

I've long preferred Cerious GE and Matrix with various Pass and First Watt...the Matrix really is a great upgrade...agree with ozzy about the full loom of Matrix
"@ozzy Do you mind elaborating on your impressions on all three manufacturers’ products? "

The Mad are good but not up there with the better cables. Soundstage is lacking.
The SR as always are very goo , but once I inserted the Cerious Matrix everything locked into place. I knew it was right, right away. It was a total cohesiveness.
Of course all my cables are the Cerious Matrix so that probably matters.

I don't own Pass but from what I've read, isn't the consensus that after market power cords don't do much for the sound? Hasn't Mr. Pass commented his amp designs and "build" don't need an aftermarket cord? Pass owners will chime in I'm sure, I'd like to be enlightened.

there's also some interesting reading out there about Pass Labs and Silent Source power cords and cables...
Hi OP, 

Your system sounds excellent. I want to push back to say that the next bang-for-the-buck purchase for your system may not be power cables for your downstream gear. Consider placing a reclocker between your streamer and DAC. Upgrade the PC into the Node if you haven't already. And if you're running ethernet into the streamer, consider placing power supplies on your modem and router, if you haven't done so already. For streaming, I've found that the modem and router are part of the chain. 

I used the iFi power components because they were most affordable. In my experience, I added those LPS's over time, and can say that the sound went from raw to refined when I replaced the streamer PSU. The modem was slight, but it added resolution and body. Then the router PSU changed the sound from edgy/fatiguing to relaxed. Best
The CT Matrix cables have enabled me to stop my long time search for the best cables.
Thanks everyone for your replies. I am leaning towards the CT Matrix. I really enjoy my GE speaker cables and am looking forward to hearing what the higher Matrix line would bring.
I slowly moved from all GE to all Matrix and while each addition was great, the full set is even unabashed fan of Bob's cables for many years...
Has anyone compared the Triode Wire Labs Seven Plus or any of the more expensive Triode Wire Labs power cords to/vs the Cerious Technologies Graphene Matrix power cord? And the100% trade in policy is insanely outstanding.

Thanks Ozzy for introducing me to Cerious Technologies.
This is the first time I've heard of cerious. Thanks for mentioning them. 

Im looking at their matrix xlr interconnects. They're priced similarly to Transparent Ultra xlr (second hand). Has anyone tried these cables? 

By the way sorry for the thread hijack...

Im using a full loom of Triode Wire Labs cables and one of his Digital power cords (and this cord was a really nice addition to my headphone setup). 
I recently bought the Matrix XLR interconnects. I put them between by Esoteric CD player and the preamp. They did exactly what people report. Quite background, good dynamics and layering of the soundstage, bass increased and is controlled. The single interconnect made a big improvement.

The 2 matrix power cables I added as well for the amps had a much smaller impact in comparison, but still contributed.