Tannoy Prestige Stirling

Fortunate today for the opportunity to listen to these (thanks to Simply Stereo outside of Chicago).  Don't know much about Tannoy but will be delving a little deeper after this.  Very impressive.  I think one of those speakers that is somewhat music dependent.  They were just outstanding with jazz, vocals, acoustic music - Lyle Lovett, Miles Davis.  Maybe not so much for rock - Genesis, Decemberists.  Fit and finish amazing.  10" dual concentric drivers.  91 db sensitive leans towards the more sensitive speaker types i'm interested in.   Primaluna tube integrated and streaming Roon.  Would love to hear this setup with vinyl. 

Anybody care to chime in about their more conventional models?   
I just got a new pair of Stirling GR's in August of this year and am enjoying them immensely.  I play all sorts of music including Rock loud and they sound great.  I believe if a speaker suits your taste it sounds good on all types of music.  I use a Music Reference RM10 MkII light loaded on 4 ohm taps so it's about 25 watts class A and it's plenty of power.  I think the 91dB sensitivity rating is somewhat low as they seem more efficient than my last 92dB speakers which were Coincident Partial Eclipse II's (also great speakers).  They are keepers  
My Cheviot's get the soul of music across. Just love music on them.  Doesn't seem to be an audiophile speaker because I notice no particulars highlighted, they just help me walk away with a better appreciation for the art of the music, and musicians better. They serve the music and musicians very well. I like jazz, classical, blue grass, music like earth wind and fire or pop with funky soul jazz type stuff. Lots of acoustic music, older rock.
“I think one of those speakers that is somewhat music dependent”.
IMO, I wouldn’t quite say Tannoy’s are music dependent but one must choose very carefully the upstream components. It’s one of those speakers that really shines with ‘right’ choice of amp and source components.

I would suggest you do your research, listen to YouTube videos and let your ears guide what sounds best with Tannoy’s.

I own the Canterbury’s, it’s nothing short of a soul stirring experience with each listening session. As @marqmike aptly said ‘you walk away with a better appreciation for the art of the music, and musicians better’.

Good luck with your Journey!
You could also take a look at the newer Fyne brand, which has been getting a lot of new press.
Does tannoy put the tweeter flush with the dust cap ala kef or is it further down the voice coil?

I like the crew at simply stereo, they know what they're doing.
I have Tannoy DC8Ti's.  Excellent fit and finish, and SQ.  I'm quite happy with them.  When my ship comes in, I think I'll buy some Canterbury’s :-)

The high frequency driver is mounted in the middle of the center pole (exponential horn) of the bass driver. 
Y’all are on point! I just purchased a pair of Tannoy Turnberry speakers.  The sound is so true to performance.  The band is right there either you. Listen to the instruments not just sound coming out of a box.  Best choice I’ve made.  I’ll keep them forever, Upgrade my Rogue and setup my new Oracle Delphi for hopefully an awesome system for yrs to come.
I have 12" Monitor Gold's in self made 190L cabinets. Devore Orangutan 093 styling.   Audio Note supplies all the goods. They easily replaced a set of ANK spe's.
I immediately noticed the layering/ separation of instruments and details that stood out. It's very enjoyable to  hear details in music which you had not noticed before. It makes upgrading justifiable. LOL
I’ve been a Tannoy fan for the past 30 years and it has been a love afar from the start. Over the years, I have owned variety of speakers: Vandersteen, B@W 801,Western Electric 753 monitors, WE 755a, Beverage electrostatic, Quad electrostatic, Jensen field coil speakers, Hartley 220MS full range, Lowther full range, IMF 80 II. Sperndor BC1, Rogers, JBL Hartsfield and many other JBL models, Supravox full range field coil, and other extremely desired speakers. However, the sound of Tannoy speakers has been very close to my soul. The sound of Tannoy speakers has not been short of religious experience - extremely emotional, tonal perfection, coherent and realistic stage presentation, extremely dynamic and yet very palpable. Tannoy speakers are not soft or ether harsh sounding speakers. They can sound warm and they can have sound bite and quickness if needed. My favorite Tannoy speakers are GRF Silver 15" corner enclosures. I run them with Raytheon RM10 mono amplifiers, RCA MI-9355 mono amps, Studer A80, Stellavox reel to reel, Garrard 301, Thorans 124, custom octal tube preamplifier, Esoteric transport and Wadia dac.
I have new tannoy legacy Ardens with a Tron seven pre amp into Robson a class mono... They fire pretty much on any music BUT:
You need an amp to control the 15" so decent push pull valve (I have a radford sta25 on order) or decent TT power. 

Another thing is bi-wiring has a real benefit unlike many marginal gains with other speakers 
I have a pair of Tannoy Churchill’s with the add on super tweeters. I would never give them up. They are remarkable heavenly sound speakers. Warm, smoothie yet clear and precise. They pair well with mcintosh components.. I have a mc 500 amp driving them and the sound stage and bass extension are sublime. Good luck they will be a lifetime investment and a foundation to build your dream system on..
I've heard the Turnberry GR a few times at our music club Meetup. Fantastic speakers and eye candy as well.
I own a pair of Tannoy FSMs built in the late 80's. 15" dual concentric
with a 2nd 15" woofer. Powered by my Cary 120 MK11S or Pass
Labs kit 8 watt class A monoblocks. Biwired with Kimber 8ts custom
split to 3/5 tweeter/woofer. If you missed the home interview on youtube
with Nelson Pass you may enjoy it if you are a Tannoy fan. Episode 4 or 6 I believe. Merry CHRISTMAS!!

Lots of lucky Tannoy owners out there.  It was the GR that I heard.  Two things that impressed me most:  First, the micro details in the upper end were amazing.  Cymbals were immediate and crisp (attack and decay?).  I felt like I heard every little ding and tick.  Then the palpable midrange with vocals and horns.  You could hear the spit in the trumpet and sax. You could not just hear them but feel them as well.  Maybe an aspect of using larger drivers that handle a wider frequency range?  Overall, a very detailed presentation without being clinical - if that makes any sense.
When I started a different thread about high sensitivity speakers I think this is what I had in mind.  Came home and the old Snells were sounding just a bit lifeless!  :-(  The Tannoy would probably sound great with my Jolida.  I thought the salesman said they were $6k but I see them for $3k.  Still out of my budget unfortunately.  Don't see them around used much.  I'll have to keep my eyes open! 

Good stuff!  So much still to discover.  I've been into audio for years but still consider myself a newbie.
For all of you, who don’t like the sound of Tannoy dual concentric speakers - these speakers are not forgiving. If your equipment and cables are not up to par, the Tannoy will sound terrible. Even the legendary Nelson Pass is using only Tannoy speakers in order to troubleshoot his equipment, and even he has trouble getting them sound wright. Inferior speakers will sound better if your system is not optimized.
“I thought the salesman said they were $6k but I see them for $3k”.


For some odd reasons, the Tannoy’s are advertised as price per speaker instead of pair. I do not know why since dealer won’t sell you a single speaker. So Tannoy Stirling indeed retail for $6K 😊

I've got a pair of Tannoy Eaton's and love them. As stated - the Tannoy's are very unforgving of upstream components - even cables. 

In the realm of digital - a good DAC/Streamer is a must otherwise the highs can be unforgiving. Proper set up can mitigate this (i.e not pointed directly at listening position). 

I also prefer them with SS amps - I found tubes to leave something to be desired in terms of PRaT, tight bass and transient speed (typical tube drawbacks however they are amplified with a bigger Tannoy driver). Pass/FirstWatt gear has paired exceptionally well. Enjoyed NAD gear via my dealer as well.