Tannoy Westminster’s Audition?


Greetings all. I’m searching for someone who lives (hopefully) within a day’s drive from me (28694), who owns Tannoy Westminster GR OW speakers, and who would be willing to let me come listen to them. My wonderful wife likes their appearance (big sigh of relief 😉), but I want to hear a broken in pair without having to fly across the country to Upscale Audio in Los Angeles before I make the investment. I essentially live in BugFuck rural Appalachia, very close to where the NC/VA/TN state lines intersect.😎


Your wife is a keeper if is she is on board with those monsters.    That said you should make a mini trip out to LA.    Fly out , check out Upscale , and have a few days of fun with Mrs  Vinyl Rules....   

Unfortunately finding someone close with those may prove difficult.   Not something you want to buy sight unseen.  I really like co-axial speakers but I have heard a few like the Heretic that are not for me 


You might give Glen Poor audio Champane IL a try . He is a Tannoy dealer with a first class store. 

I heard them at the LA show and wasn't impressed at all.  Hopefully it was the electronics they were paired with.  I won't bash the brand but it is an overhyped and poor performing tube amp.  

They are beautiful.  Remember that you are paying at least 50% for looks which explains the high price.

Best of luck.


For $27,000 you should really come out to upscale audio and audition them properly and compare them to other speakers in that ballpark. When I was auditioning speakers there they did a great job of putting together a system comparable to my home system, and although I went out there primarily to listen to Focals, ended up with the Westminister’s “little” Cheviot cousins.

The experience was so positive that if you are flying into LAX, I will drive you out there if you let me “help.”

A potential closer suggestion.

Contact Jim Smith, a well know system and set up consultant ("Get Better Sound").  He lives near Atlanta and previously used Tannoy Canterbury SEs in his main system.  He may know of any Westminster owners in the southeastern US you might contact.

@lloyd1969 That's each.

For $27,000 you should really come out to upscale audio and audition them properly

Had a similar issue even living in Chicago. I’d recently got Autograph Minis for my beftop

 and was smitten so wanted to hear a bigger Tannoy to compare with my Rockport Atria ii’s.  I drove to Glenn Poor’s in Champagne Urbana. They had the GRF’s which somehow didn’t do it for me.  Upscale suggested that the Kensington GRs had a closer sound signature to the Minis.  So I booked a flight.  Glad I did. Nothing like a live audition.  They blew me away and I decided to get them. A week before pulling the trigger my local dealer got a mint 3 yr trade in so I went that way as saved nearly half. Upscale still got a sale from my visit as I purchased a Pathos Heritage integrated from them.  

Congratulations. Kensingtons are my dream speaker. Beautifully proportioned and classic looks. Would look silly in the basement but someday I may move.

You really ought to audition them before making any purchase decision.

They are notoriously (and surprisingly, in regard of their high sensitivity) difficult to drive. They can sound "slow" and "ponderous" with the wrong amp.

Big Tannoys (GRF? I think) were the worst sounding system during the last show I attended here in Brussels. Nasal tonality and the sound was locked in the speaker cone with no openess or real soundstage. Still I'm sure they are great speakers but just aren't easy to set-up and "bring to life". Obviously something was wrong.


@rolox Interesting your reaction to GRFs. I did not audition them with Kensingtons but vastly preferred the warmth and depth of my Mini Autographs to the GRF. I heard them with Wilson SASHA’s and to my ear they were almost indistinguishable on the same kit at Geoff Poor’s in IL. Even on BAT tubes they had none of that Tannoy “magic”. I subsequently auditioned Kensingtons and Canterburys together. C’s were too much for my space and pocketbook. Couldn’t be happier now with Kensingtons. An Upscale sales person suggested the difference between the GRFs and K is the 10” driver in the Ks.