Technics SL-1500C or SL-1210GR

I haven't owned a direct drive table since the early 90s when I sold my Kenwood. I thought I was getting out of vinyl at the time for the "perfect sound forever". I'm thinking I might want to check out a current model to compare to my TD-125 mkII. Has anyone used both of the two referenced tables? I don't need the pitch control feature. I don't need the built in phono stage of the 1500C.


Is that the same as the TD125AB Thorens  I owned in the 70’s which I regret selling?

It is indeed a 70s vintage turntable, with SME 3009 S2 Improved tonearm. 


 Looking at the SL1500C was alluring until I noted the built in phono amp. Crap. That is always a warning to me. Seems like manufacturers are feeling out the crowd as to whether these add on phono amps or USB connection is a way to entice possible clientele. I almost expect it with the less expensive TT, but when I saw it offered on this table, it was a deal breaker. I don't know much about the SL1210GR, but maybe proper attention to the product was given. 

I hear you. I have a coworker who was using a $200 table into his Sonos speaker. And buying audiophile vinyl, some of it 45rpm! I at least convinced him to get a better table with Ortofon 2m blue. He had no idea that he was doing damage to his expensive LPs. Im not sure people like him are going to step up to a $1200 TT? He cried about $700 for a table and record brush. Of course, he loves the better sound. I like the simplicity of the SL-1500C, but Technics should skipped the phono stage in my opinion. They seem to sell out, so they obviously know better than I do. 

I believe either turntable would be worthy. Also worth consideration would be their SL-1200 mk7.

After years in the industry setting up top tier analog systems, I adore my modded 2010 Technics SL-1200 Mk5. What it lacks in sexy snob appeal is more than compensated for in ergonomics & sound performance.

Keep the Thorens and get a better mc cartridge. At least a Hana SL ($750). Among my many TTs I have a 125 with a Rega RB300 arm. Can't beat Swiss precision!

 I like the simplicity of the SL-1500C, but Technics should skipped the phono stage in my opinion

The SL-1500C has two pairs of RCA outlets; one for the built in phono stage and one that totally bypasses the phono stage.  

Buy it.

I bumped myself up to considering the SL-1200G, have had difficulty finding one. Well, then, if I'm going to spend $4K plus, there are many other options to consider? Rega RP10 (NOS), Planar 8, Feickert Volare, VPI Prime 21, Michell Gyro SE. Paralysis by analysis could set in if I'm not careful. Sound is number one priority, but I do value beauty in design. I've been looking at the polished version of the Audiomods Series Six tonearm, and it definitely has the wow factor and seems to be well respected.

It's a slippery slope.  For my second system, I originally was planning for a $2500 or so front end.

Turned out to be closer to $6K with my Feickert Volare, Audiomods 6, Hana ML set up.  Love it!

Technics 1200G  plays in a different league than the 1500 and 1200 mk 7.  Lots of choices ...


I recently purchased a P3/Ania combo... it was no match for what I already had (have) Heybrook TT2/LVX/AT33PTG/II, so I sold it pronto.

That said there is solid engineering and no BS in the Technics line, and of all their current models I believe the SL1210GR/SL1200GR are the best bang for the buck which in all likelihood will give one audible improvements over the 1500 and MK7 for a nominal surcharge.

The SL1210GR/1200GR has better feet, better isolated chassis, heavier and more sophisticated platter, plus VTA on the fly vs. the 1500. The only features that are the same is the motor and tonearm.  A better way of looking at it is that it's 98% as good as a 1200G at less than 1/2 the price.


Your solution is how I’m ending up. Did you have any issues getting the correct armboard from your dealer?

I’ll use my very low hours A-T VM760SLC for the time being. Looks like I’m about 8 weeks out on the tonearm. Now, must decide on walnut vs black. 

I made a hard u-turn on my plans. I decided I did not want to give up the ability to swap headshells/cartridges. Out with Volare and Series Six, and in with SL-1210GR. I plowed some of the difference into a Ortofon Quintet Black S. 

Oh do these compare. The Volvare is a nice table. The Woodpecker along with the Pure Fidelity seem to be a nice middle ground without spending $10K

 Out with Volare and Series Six, and in with SL-1210GR. I plowed some of the difference into a Ortofon Quintet Black S.

Good rational decision.


I received the new rig yesterday. I have it all set up and played a couple sides of Stevie Ray and Pink Floyd. Absolutely fabulous sounding; I can't wait to hear it after the cartridge breaks in. The Quintet is my first MC and I now understand, at least at that level, the magic the MC can convey. The 'table is solid, attractive in a industrial way, and easy to set up. It's early days, but I have a feeling the Technics will be in my system for quite a long while.