Telos Mini Quantum Resonator (MQR) & Puron Filter together

So, I have been a big proponent of the Puron Filters, they have been an awesome addition to my system. I now have a total of 10 of them plugged into my 3 different dedicated lines. Highly recommended!

Recently, I have tried the new Telos Mini Quantum Resonator (MQR). It is close to the physical size of the Puron Filter and also just plugs into the wall, but it has a different look. Kinda nice looking unit. I now have purchased 2 of them.

I’ll cut to the sound quality comparison. While the Puron expands the soundstage the Telos MQR deepens the image. It adds a heft to the music. More meat on the bones as they say. But too many Telos’s (MQR) though and the soundstage gets hardened. Whereas additional Puron’s is a good thing.

Plugging the Telos (MQR as the Puron) into my Niagara power conditioners is still not a good thing. They benefit the most being plugged into the wall outlet that the conditioners are plugged into.

Now a surprising location for the Telos (MQR) was into the power strip in another room that powers my computer equipment. i.e., Modem, EtherRegen, After Dark Clock and power supply.  At this location, my streaming from Qobuz improved in overall sound quality. I’m thinking because in this power strip there are more digital nasties that this device goes after.

So, both units together do provide an added synergy. It is hard to use one without the other. I now have one Telos (MQR) in my main system dedicated circuit and another with my computer equipment.



Somehow in the title of this thread the word amp got inserted, must be an Audiogon glitch.

Anyone else try these Telos (MQR) units?


My dealer brought one of these Telos "things" over about 2 or 3 weeks back and almost immediately the noise floor dropped in silence and the soundstage opened up and more detail was easily heard. How does this thing work? Who cares it just does. I had to wait until more arrived for he has sold out. Just received my own in the other day and yes it still did its magic.


Thanks for posting. It is a relatively new product and there is not much info as to how it works but it does seem to be impressive in deepening the sound stage.


@ozzy  - What dealer did you use for the Telos?  Asking as the website doesn't list any USA dealers/distibutor. Txs


I bought them from DLE Design Inc. SOS (Sounds of silence) is also selling them.



You’re welcome. I would be interested in what you think about it. (If you get one)

It’s not one of those tweaks that you have to strain to tell if it does anything. After plug in it will show its stuff with a deeper, blacker and more dynamic soundstage.

And it works very well with the Puron filter.


@ozzy Which of these devices is best suited for video ( OLED Tv)? Thanks in advance.


I would say for video the Puron is the best and a couple is better than one. The Telos (at least to me) works better with audio and only one should be used.

However, using both the Telos and the Puron together on audio is the best of both worlds.


I bought The Telos from Sounds of Silence 2 weeks ago.  The difference it made in my system was clearly noticeable.  The noise floor dropped, the system is overall fuller and clearer sounding.


Thank you for your post. The Telos (MQR) is really impressive. I hope more people can give it try.


HI Ozzy,


I do have the Telos QNRs which are the non mini version. I have 2  of these and moved one from the main equipment line to where  my networking  equipment reside aong with 2 purons there.


It was a better improvement there, almost seems like they do indeed work well together getting a more balanced sound.




I don’t see that Telos product on the website, is it still available? I think its affect is supposed to be stronger. The Mini version is said to provide about 70% of what the QNR does.

Yes, The Telos (MQR) does seem to work very well with computer equipment reducing significantly (the noise?) and providing a much deeper soundstage when streaming music. I still wonder how it works.


Hi Ozzy,


I did not realize as it is is at least 5 years back, but know that there were updated versions 3.1 or 5.1.


They 1st version was still relatively reasonably priced, given the solid milled aluminium..


Their new offering are touted to have selected parts and added a schmann type board into the unit and prices more than doubled.


If you do come across the 1st version only on the used market. 


There are even higher speced similar power filter conditioners which are stuffed with expensive duelund capacitors and their products are now priced at super exotic levels, which however effective, cannot make sense for a tweak.

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@ozzy I have a half dozen of these types of devices and the Telos is on my to do list.

But I doubt there is many of us who can get 10 purons and multiple Telos. Perhaps pull them all out and do a head to head, 1x Telos v Puron? This would give a better indication of what they do.

You comment about the 2nd line with network gear - I found the same thing with my MIT Predator 6, it worked best plugged into the line feeding all the switches, routers and NAS. 

I have also had Nordost Qv2, Alan Mayer filters, and others. They all seem to do something different.

As I have stated I think the Puron’s and the Telos do different things. The Puron creates soundstage depth and width. While the Telos deepens the image and "muscle" of the sound. Works quite well together.

Thanks for your comments.


@ozzy . I'm using 1 Telos 2 Purons.

Telos and 1 Puron in my 20 amp dedicated line, 1 Puron in Synergistic Power Conditioner. Very pleased with this set up.

Started with the Telos first. Agree.Telos deepens the image. Added the 2 Purons about a month ago. I have not experimented with different placement. 


Thanks for your posting. Both products are amazing. I guess I could see the day when they will be installed into audio equipment.


I added 2 Purons to the dedicated wall outlet & 2 in a Synergistic Research PowerCell 8SE that is first in line. It took longer than I expected, however, to hear changes/improvements with only the pair in the wall outlet. After several days, I began to hear more transparency, detail & depth. All pleasant, not so subtle, improvements!

Then I added a 2 more Purons to the first pair of receptacles in the SR distributor. Almost immediately, there was a doubling, if not more, of the attributes I heard when only 2 Purons were plugged into the wall outlet. Additionally, there is a greater emotional connection to the music. By that I mean, you have a much better feel for the space in which the recording was made. Musicians have a more precise location on stage with with more space between them. All adds up to a soundstage with greater depth which, I find, is more difficult to achieve than width.

I believe the Puron plug-in filter punches well above its weight class, especially when adding more than 1 or 2. There seems to be a cumulative effect. This is undeniably one of the better bang for the buck upgrades I’ve made.

I have extensieve experience with Telos and several other power conditioning products and tweaks, not Puron though. And will share some thoughts and findings.

I have several of the Telos QNR 5.1, the Macro-N and the Mini-Q.

The QNR 5.1 is a wonderful unit. The QNR is not available anymore, I believe it is because of shortage in supplier chain. But good thing is that Telos is working on a new version, according to info I got from Telos this new unit is planned for next year. I dont know if older version can be upgraded to the new one.

The Mini-Q is said to be 70% of the QNR. Telos says that on their web site, and I saw some mentioned it here in this thread. In my findings that is an exaggeration, more 40-50%. But the Maco-N could be around 70% according I think.

What is good with the Mini-Q is that you dont need an extra power cable.

The Macro-N and especially the QNR is very sensitive to power cords. I have ended up with power cords for them costing the same or more as the unit itself, and it has been worth it. For exampe I use Ansuz P2, A2 and even C2 power cords on the QNR and that elevates the performance into the stratosphere. For the Macro-N I use Nordost Heimdall2 with figure 8 connector. I have tried less expensive cables from Audioquest and Furutech but that decreases the performance.

Since I bought a lot of Telos gear during the pandemic, I have upgraded with other products that makes everything better. I believe in mixing different power conditioning gear as they compliment each other. For example I also use products from Add Powr, Akiko, Ansuz, Nordost, Vortex, Kemp and High Fidelity (unfortunately now out of business).

Thanks, cappuccino for that additional information. I think you would be surprised if you add a couple Puron’s to your system, they work very well together.


@ozzy I guess they are good. I live in Europe, and haven´t found any sign of dealer here and having Puron available with Schuko. Maybe you know?

I've been using a Telos Mini-Q for several months and am very happy with the improvement in sound quality. My results mirror other's findings as to the nature of improvements. I found the Telos to be more to my liking than using an EU4 plug. I'm using the Telos in the second outlet feeding my Shunyata conditioner and a High Fidelity Cable Helix+ plug in each of the Shunyata outlets powering my Preamp (BHK pre or Luxman C700u) and amp (Luxman M700u.)

My 2nd Telos Mini-Q while not giving me the big improvement the 1st one did is still worth the dollars IMO. I'll try relocating it to near my router and see what that does.


I guess I’m the only one that has had no luck with the Puron filters. I had them in my main system 4x over the last few months. The last time they were in my main system for more than a week. I finally pulled them out and hoped my system would return back to normal, which it did. I guess my front end equipment was not compatible with the filters.
I’m not complaining just very disappointed that I didn’t get the same great results others have posted. They are now plugged into my second system. They are on the circuit that my TV and 2 channel system is on. They sound ok on my second system. 
Joe Nies


Have you by chance been plugging the Puron into a power conditioner?


Hello @ozzy 

No sir. The fourth time I used the filter it was plugged into the same outlet that feeds my outlet strip. Per another forum post on this subject I removed the MIT Z Stabilizer from my system, per your suggestion. I replaced it with an Audience Forte V8 outlet strip. Made a nice SQ improvement. My preamp, power amps and my I/O phono amp state in their manuals Plug into wall outlets only. Do Not use any type of AC conditioning. I’m ok with that. I have a wonderful sound stage. Great R and L channels, beautiful phantom center channel, very good width and depth, height is ok. Some tweaks work and some do not.

Hello @rsf507 

Thanks for the complement on the TT’s. I have not tried the Mini-Q’s. I’m on hold at the moment with any kind of AC conditioning or filtering. I just never found that any AC conditioner or filter improved the sound. I have tried but I haven’t tried everything. Sometimes with this hobby it’s a hit or miss. 
Joe Nies

"Some tweaks work and some do not."  

Very true since our equipment, room and preference is all different.


I understand from highly reliable sources that the Telos resonators are based upon  the QRT designs of Quantum Products, now Nordost. Further they ripped off the name and the product explanations are meaningless nonsense.

It;s best to go to the original folks for harmonic resonators.


The Purons may also be of similiar ilk or are derived from ceramic and quaritz crystals with interesting field properties whebn in contact with the AC line.

I don’t know bemused if I totally agree. I have used the Nordost products, and the Puron’s and Telos items are more effective and cheaper. However, as you mentioned they may be based on the same principle. Have you compared them?


I dont know about Telos technology, but what they do for both audio and video differ from Nordost according to my experience. And I have plenty of every Nordost QRT product, including the new QWave and QSine, and Telos over several years. Also comparing Telos to Add Powr (run by the man behind the Nordost QRT products), they are very different. But IMO they compliment each other very nice.

To others who experiment with one plug in the wall next to the outlet for your conditioner, why not add a power strip and add several and dfferent power plugs. If you have space and funds for it of course.

And, if you are not quite happy with a product in your stereo, before you sell it or return it, try it on your ac line for your refrigerator or freezer. I have found that reducing amount of noise going back to meter board from these devices helps a lot, even with dedicated ac lines for stereo.

Hi cappucino,

How are the QWave and QSine?


What effect do they have.

Have you tried the purons too?

@bemused , I have been a pretty hard core enthusiast in more than 20 yrs and have far more tweaks and power conditioning gear that could be considered as "normal". For example, I have more power conditioning gear on my regrigerator or my freezer than other entusiasts have in a large stereo system. So yes, it makes a huge difference. Actually, I have tweaked my systems so heavily that it is easier for me to hear upgrades I do on other ac lines, like the ones for refrigerator, freezer, ventilation etc. I don’t say that should be normal, but that is how it is in my house, even with dedicated lines, upgraded fuses in my meter board etc.
So I don’t use one brand of power conditioning gear for these devices (refrigerator and freezer), but from many brands,typ. Ansuz, Nordost, ADD Powr, High Fidelity, Furutech and Telos. I also have Darkz damping feet for several of these, Furutech distributors and high end power cords - and even Shakti stones behind them... go figure! Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but I wouldn’t change it:) If I remove one piece I easily hear it in my stereo.

@justubes2, I find the Nordost QWave to be stronger than the Qv2, it is also supposed to work not only in lower bass region as the Qv2, but also upper bass. The QSine is kind of invisible, but just makes everything more transparent, also in higher frequencies, gives more air and bigger soundstage. It is easy also to see with video, the picture gets crystal clear. I find it to be better and more neutral than Qk1. It can remind a little of ADD Powr, but still they are different, hard to explain... IMO, both QWave and QSine do not limit dynamics at all. I have never tried Purons.



I too have most of power tweeks as yourself. For Nordost, 2x QX4 and also have several Addpowr symphony's.


Also found them of some high end cord are needed which gave very nice results and could not replace with cheaper cord.


The Ansuz active plug ins gave what you describe of the qsine and wave. I coyls use 2 at most and openess starts to thin out the mids. Are the new Nordost plug ins similar in effect?


I have have them scattered around, even on other power phase lines to good effect. 


Recently added a good number of purons, also work well on lines elsewhere, no neccessarily at the plug to fridges, but i believe they had the same effect elsewhere, probably  the same phase.


The purons are very different to the addpowrs, Ansuz plugins and found them more like the effect of the later HFC helix + plugins.


So was curious about the nordost. Do the nordost work more in the music room environment or anywhere around? I did not try the qv2.

justubes2, I see you have been playing with various plugs too:)
Too much Ansuz on the stereo ac line can make bass too heavy in my experience, especially the older version of the Sparkz. Their new Sparks TC3 is much better than previous generations. But they are very effective noise killers, and the older versions work very well also on other power lines. I have both TC2 and TC3 plugs in my home theater also.

For Nordost QWave/QSine/Qv2/Qk1 they also are good on other lines, but I think they are products you typically prioritize to have on your stereo ac line. And here I prefer to have as many as possible of them. They do no harm, only good. Same with ADD Powr, especially the bigger units, but some of their plugs work well on other lines. And the same with Telos QNR and Macro N. For the Mini-Q I find it better to have them on other lines since they are not quite in the same league as their bigger brothers.

I have put ADD Powr Symphony Pros where I earlier had Nordost Qx2/Qx4 so the Qx2/Qx4 units I have are no primarily serving on other lines. I have them on both my refrigerator and freezer where they do a really good job:)

I am familiar with the HFC helix plugs. I have plenty of them and really love them, so what you say about Puron sounds very promising - and tempting! I found a US dealer who could deliver with Schuko plug. We´ll see...

For the Ansuz, have a TC and another TC2, adding 2 x TC2 could not work.


Have a number of Symphony’s / pro and the new versions to all around on good DC power which propels there performance.


I do not have any more outlet iny listenimg room, therefore hesistating to try the Nordost qwaves.

Do you recommed the TC3 over them.


Somehow, the QX2/Qx4 has different effect although much the same as the Symphony’s. It is either the thick housing or the algorythm is just different, more heft and dynamics.


I have the gen 1 telos and past 2 units did not bring much more.


These tweeks are critical on good power and cords.


I had to remove all the 1st version HFC as they were great for a start if only having a few, not more than 3 as they are just too clean sounding.


What do the TC3 do above the rest?

I do have 8 puron scattered around, i do prefer the effect, very visceral and present sounding compared to others and had nice improvements with each additional unit which surprised me not sounding overly clean.


I too cannot imagine taking these tweeks out, actually if 1 or 2 are somehow not on, i find something amiss!

The Ansuz Sparkz TC3 and Nordost QWave are very different. Think of Wave closer to what you already know about Nordost. The Ansuz is mostly about bass enrichment/enhancement. And I find them to be very effective on other power lines to kill noise. 

Btw, there are two plugs I have tried that I have ruled out;
- Furutech Clear Line - seems to be good initially, but when you add a lot of other good products I found them to become a bottleneck.

- Chord power array - far to strong and negative impact on dynamics

I have just tried a new SR UEF AC plug, it seems rather good, but don't have enough experience with it yet.

I use iFi iPowerX power supply on my Add Powr Symphony Pros. What do you use?

I did not try the ncf plug, but with earlier use of the ncf iec outlet in proximity to power cables, this was when it was released many years before the plug was released.


It can easily soften and overly smooth the sound.


I use hynes power supplies for network gear, also mutec mc3+ so the symphonys, rr-77s, SR FEQand symphony's tap on these existing supplies, otherwise it would not make sense cost wise to utilise them just for the symphonies and tweeks.

Did look at the SR ac plug, but no description of what it is pilut me off as there are no trials outside the U.S.

Could it be some uef material on the lines of the ncf plug?



@cappuccino - Thanks for your response. So, the location of these items near the appliances lower the perceived noise floor of the audio? An acoustic measurement with a sound level meter will confirm. Or do they filter noise? Shakti stones do absorb high frequency emi noise. The other devices I surmise are providing harmonic resonance.


"Somehow, the QX2/Qx4 has different effect although much the same as the Symphony’s. It is either the thick housing or the algorythm is just different, more heft and dynamics." 

I can verify that your perception is correct.