Thanks to a fellow A-gon member

One of the most pleasant aspects of participating in this forum are the interesting and frequently thoughtful people I've met. One of our members who hails from Georgia, who I will identify only as "The Vet" (he knows who he is), sent me a CD-R of music by Lyle Lovett as a "thank you" for my posts about jazz. I don't think "The Vet" will mind if I quote a few lines from the nice note that he enclosed with the CD-R:

"I am glad that you are up to a little experimentation... Lyle Lovett is not country. He is from Texas and does some very traditional country cuts on many of his releases, but his work is so diverse that it defies categorization. That is part of why he is so much fun for many of us... I have included selected cuts from several CD's, which include Lyle and his "Large Band" who are a wonderful group of musicians... I find his smart lyrics and dry wit to be very refreshing from the typical dysfunctional love prose in most of today's music... I hope this catches you in the right mood- you might be in for a treat... I hope you enjoy, my friend, and thank you for all the valuable assistance in my musical horizons."

Indeed, "Vet", you did catch me in the right mood, and I'm very pleased that you took the time to share something you enjoy. The music on your CD-R broadened my horizons, and I'm grateful. That's one of the wonderful things about music -- you never know when you are going hear something that expands your appreciation and makes you glad you caught the audio bug.

I send my warm thanks to "The Vet". Since I am an avid fan of University of Washington Husky football, I'm going to give you the honorary title of "Dawg Doc". Don't know if "The Vet" is a fan of Georgia football, but if so, best wishes from one "dawg" fan to another.
Hi Sd; I too have exchanged music compilations with Charlie-- excuse me "The Vet", and he is a gem of a guy. Between Charlie and my daughter, I've become a Lyle Lovett fan. Charlie's attitude really exemplifies what high end audio is all about-- the music.

Re: football, I'm a big Oregon Ducks football fan, and in recent years, the annual game with the U of W Dawgs has certainly become one of the premier rivalries in the PAC 10. The Ducks are going to be tough to beat this year-- hope I'm being prophetic. Cheers. Craig
Thank you both for your kind words, maybe that will keep me from being excommunicated for the "over the top" Best Quote I left yesterday.

Sd, I think I also said something about those Vandy drivers doing some moving of air with ol' Lyle and the Boys. Is that some sweet bass and kick drum, or what?

As you both should know, college football is not a matter of life or death down here in the south. It is much more important than that! While I do customize my golf balls with DogDoc, I graduated from Auburn which makes me a Tiger who runs around growling "War Eagle!"

Thanks again. The music I have discovered from you both, another old boy with a headache in LA, and a carpetbagger down on the Space Coast of Florida, have been very important to me.

Did I ever mention how much I like my Harbeth Compact 7ES speakers? [:)]

Garfish and Charlie: You're both right in your comments about college football. I love audio, but Univ of Washington Husky football is what I live for in the fall!!
Only 60 days and 17 hours until the Dawgs play Michigan here in Seattle, and then it's on to Miami to knock off the Hurricanes for the 3rd time -- Woof!

Garfish is right about the UofW - Oregon rival becoming a dandy -- even if it does get a little nasty down in Eugene. And Charlie, I work with an Auburn grad, so I appreciate your passion, too.

Best to both of you, and Go Dawgs!
SD: This is what these forums are all about - being NICE and helping one another out with our humble opinions and answers. That was awesome of you Charlie {the vet] for doing that nice deed. It makes me actually want to go out and buy a Lyle Lovett cd and kick back and listen. People like you make up for the few ANAL ones out there. And to all of you football freckaziods out there. GO MSU SPARTANS.
Speaking of Lyle Lovett, if you get the chance, listen to his first CD called Lyle Lovett, You will Lovett...
Its Great!
And the new one "Ensenada" is quite nice as well. Not so much of the big band sound or the story songs of "Joshua Judges Ruth", but still very tasty indeed.
I too have had the pleasure of discussing and trading tunes with Charlie. Thanks!
Me too: He's got me searching out LL and Chesky CD's (so far I have only found ones with David Chesky performing on them, including the Chesky/Winham Hill BMW audition CD), but I'll keep hunting. Thanks Charlie.
Lyle's "Live In Texas" is smoking. I have his first 3 releases on vinyl, the rest on cd. "If I Had a Boat" is still one of my favourite songs....I have a group of friends at Peak Audio in Halifax, NS, who try to hunt out new artists, one of their first were "nanci Griffith and Lyle Lovett, one of the more rescent, Mary Cambell....they love music first, gear second. I'm lucky in that regard. I've been introduced to music I would never have heard....the first time I heard Mary Black I ran right out and bought her....enjoy, Bluenose
Bluenose- if you like Nanci Griffith, try her "Other Voices" cd, great treatments of other writers. I esp. like Tecumseh Valley by Townes Van Zandt. And Bluenose of some special significance to Nova Scotians, besides the name of the ferry?
Hello, Swampwalker. Yes I have all of Nanci Griffith on both vinyl{that was released on rounder and all of her on cd except her very latest. Yes, I do like "other Voices". The Bluenose is the famous racing schooner, the BN11 now sailes. Also, it is a nickname given to nova scotians. We also have been called "herring chockers". Did you know the original bluenose was halted by a German U boat in the caribbean in WWll? The u-boat skipper was an admirer of her racing prowess and told her leave as he wouldn't sink such a handsome vessel..sadly she later came to grief on a reef....a sad ending for an undefeated gallant lady of the sea. cheers, bluenose
Audiogon and the RIAA have asked me to inform you that you are all under arrest. PUT THE BURNER DOWN AND BACK AWAY FROM IT SLOWLY!
Before this thread falls off the main page, I wanted to share a follow-up message with Charlie. I had an hour or more tonight to do some serious listening before my wife arrived home, and I am really pleased with the excellent compilation of Lovett's music. Great selections, and as you thought, the CD-R sounds great through the Vandy 3A Sig's. I've wandered into Tower Records several times lately and asked the clerk for some suggestions on CD's, because I've felt like I've been in a musical rut for a while. Needed something new to wake up my ears again. The Lovett collection you sent, Charlie, turned out to be just what the doctor ordered -- even if the "Doc" is a "DawgDoc". Anyway, I am in your debt for expanding my horizons -- thanks very much!!
Reading these posts remind me of my dealings with a very generous and gracious fellow audio buff who i had some occasion to meet a few months ago.

Briefly, I had e-mailed him regarding a post he had made concerning some tube amp i was interested in listening to (i believe it was an Antique Sound Labs). We e-mailed back and forth a few times about it (he owned the model i was curious about) and he graciously suggested that if i ever was in his part of the state he would be more than happy to have me come to his house and listen to the amp.

i told my non-audiophile girlfriend about this nice gesture and of course she thought that both he and i were crazy, that the idea of going to some stranger's house to listen to music was the nuttiest thing she had ever heard (no pun intended).

the funny thing is, i saw absolutely nothing weird about the offer and in fact, to me it felt perfectly natural and comfortable that this gentlemen would extend the offer. i did take him up on the invitation and we spent most of an afternoon listening to music through his system (he had PSB Stratus Gold speakers, a aja noejb (sp?) CD player, the ASL amp, etc.)It was a relaxing, enjoyable time and i thanked him profusely as i left his residence.

i guess what i'm getting at is that there is a deep commonality between just about all of the posters on this website and it involves the magic of music and the sharing of its powers with other humans. further IMHO, i also think it involves a common belief that if an individual finds music so inspiring as to spend countless hours and many dollars to get closer to the magic that music can bring, well that's someone most of us probably can comfortably spend some time together with.

i've shared so many great times with friends and strangers in the enjoyment of music, be it a concert, a listening session at the house, or even (gasp) an hour or two at a dealer's listening room. just about everyone i've met has been cool, polite, and anxious to offer whatever help they can to increase my listening pleasure, and i guess this is my longwinded way of saying thanks to all of you who love the music as much as i do.