My New Year’s Wish for my fellow audiophiles.

May your 2024 be blessed and filled with joy and good health for you and your family. For all of you who work too hard, too many hours, please take more time this year listening to your music, your sound system. For those who listen to your system all the time and are borderline obsessed, my hope is that you can find other things to do. Go hiking, go out with your partner for dinner, find other hobbies and interests outside of the audio world. Put the audio fool in you- away for a time, enjoy the other seasons of life. Find the balance and come back to your audio anew and with fresh perspective.

Just a thought and Happy New Year.


Happy, healthy and safe New Year to all!

Here’s to more positivity on the forum and in our lives.

Wonderful message - thank you @2psyop!
I try and remember to be thankful and happy each day I am here doing the things I love to do with the friends and family I love to do them with. 


Wonderful message for those who truly understand the import and function of having our stereo systems. Akin to meditation, they help us leave our troubles, relax and recharge. I always feel better after listening to music, even for just  a short amount of time. 

Keep friends close and family closer, and....

All the best,

You guys are awesome and if I might add, indicative of the positive force in the universe. No one needs to go on “the dark side”. 

NYE spouse 'n I went 'downtown, where all the lights are bright'; esp. on the jacked p/u with illum'ed deep mags in their 'wells, a 'bright thing' to do to the new ride...

...and you think y'all spend too much on audio....*dismissive wave* Nuuu....

Local Symph did a concert of Blues' and Motown, just for fun....their Alt Program is a nice break for the players that grew up in that milleu....(the 2nd violin was 'into it' in an obvious way...good for her.... ;)...

Foot cruised to a local bar&grill to await The Magic Moment....listening to a lot of this....'23 in retro....😈

I'm ready for '24......😏👍

When you said to "find the balance," I immediately remembered that I hadn't yet tried the XLR out on my DAC to my new pre. 

Thank you for this timely nudge!!! 😜

all the best to everyone.

I;m going to try and remember to make happiness all year, much is up to us.

Can't think of a better way to start the New Year.

Discussions, inquiries, thoughts, expressions and, yes, frustrations on this forum fall into my "Good Problems to Have" categories. Grateful for the opportunity to have the best music the world has ever known in MY home with some degree of realism.

And, to have my daily searcxh for intelligent life on this planet fulfilled by reading your comments.

Happy New Year to all. May those electro-mechanical acoustic transducers deliver good vibrations throughout the year.

Yah buddy!  Great post and love the positivity!

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and keep loving their music!  You guys and gals rock!




Thank you for the genuinely nicest post I've seen here in quite some time, @2psyop!

My New Year brings a new location (now in Northeastern PA), a new house with new listening area and many new revisions to my system for accommodating it all.  A report and virtual system update will get posted here once I've finished the project and have everything operating, probably in a month or two.

I very much enjoyed meeting you all those years ago in Sandusky and wish you and yours the very best in 2024!

This community is a big part of my love for audio so thank you and right back at you-and to all of the rest of you. 


Great hearing from you! Dude congratulations on the move and new home. PA is awesome. You guys were a blast and enjoyed the listening sessions immensely. Good sound and great times. I’m drink a Guinness tonight and holding it up to wish you the best!!

@thecarpathian, that would be Scranton, 18504.  Kind of a fluke we ended up in that spot.  My spouse got a Cadillac relocation from her new employer and after 17 months of looking, finally found a place that met our needs there.  It was also a bit of full circle, too.  Back in the dim dawn of pre-history when we were dating, we used to meet up here because it was about half-way between my place (Syracuse) and hers (Mt. Joy).  Interesting how things work out!

@2psyop Guinness is spot on!  I quaffed a couple of Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stouts after posting.  Enjoy in continued good health!

@effischer ​​​​​​   

  Ah, Scranton!

Close to Wilkes Barre and the casino.

Been through there countless times on my way to Mahanoy City where my parents grew up. Beautiful area. Mahanoy City, not so much anymore. 


Ha I haven't driven by Scranton since the last time I drove to Syracuse! Class of 91 here.

All I want for Christmas is a 1959 Les Paul!  Other than that, everyone is welcome to our listening room in northern New Jersey for fun and listening pleasure.

Best wishes everyone, let's stay in touch our inner child, in a good way: