The band 'Sparks' on Netflix

Just watched a great Rock-u-mentary on the band Sparks. Netflix. It’s called The Sparks Brothers. I had no idea. At one point they played 21 nights in a row, covering a different album of theirs at each successive show. Might be the greatest feat in music history.

How can you go wrong with lyrics like those below:

‘Some might find me borderline attractive from afar’
And from’ The mustache song’- ‘I tried a handlebar design My Fu Manchu was real fine My Ronald Colman made 'em blink My Pancho Villa made 'em think But when I trimmed 'em very small My Jewish friends would never call.’
“I hope it's just your laugh that is infectious”
"I may be ugly as sin, but at least now I'm tan"
"I married myself... I'm very happy together..."
"So, tell me, Mrs. Lincoln, aside from that, how was the play?"



I recall seeing them back in the day, very interesting performers and individuals, did enjoy the music. Still have much of their output in my libraries.

Back in the day, I was mesmerized by their album covers but I never bought any. I saw the Documentary in the Theatre and really enjoyed it. They are characters. They never had the cliche drug or alcohol period but they did have trouble getting their stuff heard for about 10 years or so but persevered.

If you haven’t heard them, my favorite song/video is: When Do I Get to Sing "My Way"

(watch the video til the end and see Ron Mael crack up.)

1111art:  I thought it was interesting but was somewhat dismayed at the choppiness  of editing (I’m assuming this was a conscious decision of the filmmaker). It seems There is this constant jumping around from one scene to another, every 5 seconds or so.  I got air sickness while viewing…

I was a Sparks fan going back to 'Kimono My House' in 1973 or so. But my favorite of their's is their FFS collaboration with Franz Ferdinand....

I saw the documentary in the theatre and truly enjoyed it. I see they live in Venice CA. What I found interesting was Ron I believe getting into computers which makes sense since their music during the disco age was just that. Have most of their catalog on vinyl..Their Hippocampus cd is quite good.