**The Official/UnOfficial Audiogon Head-Fi System Thread**

 Now that Headphones is a dedicated sub forum I thought it would be cool for everyone to list their head-fi system/s gear here....Maybe link to your Virtual system...
 I have 2 dedicated sources from which I stream Pandora+,Amazon Music,Google Play Music & Utube OR well over 1000 songs in WMA & FLAC lossless on a mini SD card plugged into a smartphone designed & built to have superb audio out via 3.5mm jack or HiRes LDAC Blue Tooth,an LG"G8x" with full on Meridian Audio built & tuned Analog & Digital out...
Amplifier/DAC:Burson Audio Conductor 3P...If you are into headphones & don't know Burson you should..
Several sets of cans:For outdoor workouts(walking/biking etc..) I really love my Sennheiser PMX-686 Sport..Fully waterproof sit on ear like buds but have Sennheiser tone,running off the LG G8x is quite amazing how good an excercise phone can sound & you can still hear everything going on around you..
 The HiFiMan Sundara is a budget priced($350.00)Planar Magnetic headphone that is not only built like a $3000.00 headphone,but with the right DAC/Amp rivals the sound of many..Driven off the amazing SABRE DAC PRO in the Burson,combined with the World Class Burson Vivid OpAmps running full Class A,this kind of sound/quality 5 years ago would have been considered End Game & cost $5000.00!
 And for battling the TOTL headphones worldwide I chose Sennheiser HD800S...What can I say that has not already been said & better than I could have..I will say I have demo'd them all,the best of the best driven by the best of the best amps at several Can Jams(B4 C-19)..IMO there are only 2-3 other headphones on the planet that better the Sennheiser HD800S & NONE of them come close to the UNBELIEVABLE price of $1700.00!Compared to TOTL from Audeze,HiFiMan etc..etc..you save so much $ you can get an End Game Amp to drive them..
 The HD800S are new & not even broken in yet,the Burson amp is good but holding them back..I'll put a few hundred hours on them & then look for an update with an End Game Amplifier,driven off the Burson DAC,which,IMO is World Class...

Woo Audio WA33
Woo Audio WA11
DAC /Amp/DAP/ source
AK SP2000
IBasso 220MAX
ifio dap
Benchmark DAC 3 HGC
Focal Arche
PS Audio Direct stream
Auralic G 2.1
Naim ND5XS2
Marantz SA14
Focal Utopia
Focal Stella
Abyss 1266 Phi TC
Audeze LCD4Z
Meze Empyrean
Sony MDR Z1R
Hifiman Susvara
Final D8000 Pro
M&D MW 65
Sony WH1000XM4
Plus other assorted models and iems 

@speedbump6  You have the Sony WH M4's? Thought they weren't commercially released yet?
Raal Sr1a driven by either Rogue Cronus Magnum II fitted with Telefuken 12ax7 and Amperex 12au7 or Schitt Jot R.

Stax 009s driven by Kgsshv Carbon amp.

HD 800s driven by Nobsound 008e fitted with Nos Sylvania tube.

Schitt Freya free fitted with Kenrad vt231 at gain stage and Sylvania vt231 at buffer stage is connected to Dave and HMS through 20 ft Purist audio design balanced cable.

Schitt Freya feed amplifiers for sr1a, 009s, hd800s.

I also have Empire ears Zeus IEM.

Thus I have a good selection of ES, Ribbon and dynamic headphones.

I may add Abyss 1266 TC as top planar headphone next year.


^^^You shouldn't.There are cans like the HiFIMan HE400i,for $200.00 that with a good little $150.00 Hybrid amplifier will get you seriously good tunes for sure!
The Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX are also great headphones at $220.  I have much more expensive headphones, but those are the ones that I end up using most often.
I'm using a hi res Sony Walkman...just got Grado GR10E earbuds for it.   The sound is absolutely exquisite.  My "big" system cost about 70 or 80 thousand dollars.....why oh why did I do that.....
David, sound is very similar, a bit clearer across the board maybe, a slight bit more definition. I believe most of the changes were to features. I was hoping for a bit more on the audible side. The feature changes have no value for me, but might be the draw for many buyers. 
My head-fi journey started since Jan 2019.

Sennheiser Game One (it was how it started...T_T)
Massdrop Hd6xx 
Hifiman He6se 

Aune X1S

Luxjie P20
Massdrop THX 789
Krell Kav-250a
Still have the HiFiMan Sundara,which IMO is an absolute benchmark for neutrality under $1000.00 & an unmitigated bargain at the $350.00 asking price..
 I recently added the magical iBasso SR-1 Limited Editions(500 pieces)with Bio-Cellulose drivers..If there was ever a headphone made that took the voice of a 300B Single Ended tube amp & turned it into a headphone these are them!!!
 Running from the pure Class A Burson headphone amp with perfectly implemented SABRE Pro Dual DAC,these cans are absolutely sublime,dripping honey but not at the expense of low level resolution or treble extension...
 Next week it will only get better as a gently used McIntosh MHA-100 will arrive & take it's place as master of my system...
I just got a set of Hifiman 800 silver IEM which were on sale for $299 So I love them and am using:

Auralic G1
Schiit Yiggy
Benchmark LA4

The sound is not over my head, it is in my head. With uncanny detail, I am able to hear much more stuff on the recordings. Yes I thought the same thing when I look at my giant speakers, amps and subs.
RAAL SR1a + KRELL K-300i integrated + Benchmark DAC3B + Sonore OpticalRendu. The KRELL also has a built-in streamer and DAC that I use occasionally.
^^^ I would love to demo those RaaL's or the Hedd..I wonder how much different they are from the Planar Magnetics in SQ?
@freediver if you are in the Los Angeles area, CanJam on 3rd week of Sept will have a booth for demoing the new and old RAAL's along with their 3 headphone amps.
BIG changes this week..Out is the underpowered,unbalanced Burson front end & Sundara headphones..
In is the Audio GD "R28",a fully balanced Resistor to Resistor ladder DAC/Head amp/PreAmp with a MASSIVE 9.5 WATTS to drive the also MASSIVELY inefficient HiFiMan HE6SEv2 headphones!
I am now totally in end game with only 1 more pair of cans on the horizon,probably the Sennheiser HD800S but the R28 has enough power for even the Hedd or Rall so I’ll be doing a TON of research before that last pair gets bought..
Current headphone system is:
Audio GD "R28" >>> iBasso "SR-1" or HiFiMan "HE6SEv2"....