The "A" List

It takes a big name music act to play at the Super Bowl and the Rolling Stones are a big act. This got me thinking about big acts in the rock world. Here's the question: If Mick Jagger died tomorrow every newspaper in the U.S. would have his death as front page news for days. If Paul Mc Cartney died, same thing. Who else in the rock world (not pop, not country, not rap, not hip hop, not jazz, not blues) is on the "A" list and would get a front page spread if he or she died? Pete Townsend? Maybe. Ringo Starr? I don't think so. Eric Clatpton? Peter Gabriel? Ted Nugent? Grace Slick? Bob Dylan? Robert Plant? Alice Cooper? Billy Corgan? Who do you think?
Not not minimize the significance of a human life, but in the scope of things how important are any of these people? I would be sad to see any of them die, but the front page is a big deal, although as bad as the media are at covering the news, and substituting amusement, they all should make the front page!

I can't wait to see how long it takes this to turn political. Right now only Dwhitt has responded.
In today's world almost any star would make front page, but in the spirit of the post:

Robert Plant would because of his Led Zepplin legacy. Bono because he is young and his venture into politics. Kieth Richard would make front page news too. What about Elton John?
Lindisfarne--I have it on very good authority that Beethoven really is immortal and on even better authority that, immortal or not, he is still alive and well and living in........So, no need to worry about headlines for HIM!!
C'mon. . .it's Elvis! Last seen in a '93 F-150 with Colorado plates, pulling into a Krispy Kreme.
Pete TownsHend won't make the front page as long as nobody can spell his name correctly.
Ringo? Are you kidding? He was a Beatle. And to quote Dana Carvey (imitating John McGlaughlin): "They were all equally fab". Front page is a foregone conclusion.
Plant and Page - Probably, unless it's a really big news day. Remember, Prokofiev didn't make the front page because Stalin died the same day.

All things considered, it's irrelevant. My grandfather didn't make the front page, and he was far more important to me than Mick Jagger...

Jagger and the Stones already look like "Dead Men Walking"! And why can't the powers that be hire an AMERICAN performer for a uniquely AMERICAN institution! Please don't take this as jingoistic, as I feel that every country should have their own artists performing at national events!
Rayd, This is a sick thread. Aren't there better things to think about? By the way,Ringo would definitely make the front page.