The smallest tube amp

This might be the smallest tube amp on the market.  Does include a lot of digital things also but interesting concept.
"It creates the same characteristic rich overtones" - this 6P1 tube is just a coloration-generating device! What happened to "faithfulness-to-the-source", eh?
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@jasonbourne - blah, blah, blah…

cool tech here for sure. My last DAP was purchased like 12 years ago, so I’d probably be blown away by this
So, I can tape 2 tubes to my $30 iPod and achieve the same sound.

Ive got a collection of “peanut tubes”. Perhaps I need to start looking for sockets. 
2400$ will buy a darn nice complete separate system. 
   2400$ for an iPod.  Hahahah.  Wow
fools and their money
Can you take your $2400 “complete separate system” and your music library on an airplane and listen to it or lie in bed anywhere in the world and “get likely better sound?”
Comparing these players to the iPod is like comparing the iPod to the little transistor radio we used to carry around. Of course we had the “Walkman” in between.
Technology moves on.

Consider the tiny amplifier and DAC contained in the Audioquest Cobalt and its competitors. The improvement in sound of your iPod, tablet, or other source is pretty stunning.

I own an early generation AK player (AK 240) which was listed for around $2400.
It is a marvel and a substantial improvement in sound quality and features over other portable players like the iPod. Don’t forget, you can pair these things with in or over ears mini speaker systems that cost far more than the players themselves. 
This is interesting because you can improve the sound of your home system using these portable players as a source. I streamed my AK (I also have hard wire capability) to my home system using it as a music source….(The AK has bluetooth and streaming capabilities). It is essentially and functionally the equivalent of my player/streamer, DAC, pre amp and amp AND my entire music library. 
Remember, I am talking about a first generation AK player. I managed to improve its sound further by pairing it up with an outboard amplifier (a Vorzuge) just like I improved the sound of my iPad with a Cobalt.
There are already miniature tube amps to connect to your player if you want. What AK has done here is offer an all in one system WITH a tube amp replacing the chip amp inside one case. On the face of things It is really not a great leap. Basically taking what is already available and miniaturizing it.

Look at all in one boxes like the Mytec offerings. These can replace a bunch of separate boxes saving space and money. Who would have thought you could have so many functions in one case? 
As for AK (and their competitors) we have an amazing list of options for playing and listening to music.They have been constantly improving (or trying) the line. Like most technological advances things get better and prices come down. (Well usually). 
We are getting smaller and more versatile.
The direction the audio world has always moved. It is just happening faster.

This is why it stinks that Axpona is canceled so we could hear these new devices. 
The korg device has been available in kits for a while. It is used in other devices that have never gained popularity as audiophiles. The Korg device certainly isn't expensive.
2400$ will buy a darn nice complete separate system.

Clearly “nice” is a relative term.
 This Guy don't get it .
2400$ will buy a darn nice complete separate system.
   2400$ for an iPod.  Hahahah.  Wow
fools and their money
Rather use the money on an iPhone DAC and Sony MDR-7506 headphones. Then get an HSU Research sub and powered monitors with the leftovers.