The subwoofer site we don't talk about enough

How many even know about ?  Excellent site.


Good show, Eric!

Apart from the interesting articles & good advice, they also offer a very useful driver measurement page.


Thanks Erik.  interesting site.  I just read the lengthy review of the Rythmik Audio FV25HP.  Made me realise just how much I don't know about a lot of things. 🤣


I cannot believe that you posted about Fight Sub.

You truly have some...




I Know the site well, and have for years. Josh has some great sub designs under his belt as well. 

It was taken down a few months ago due to budgetary reasons. I guess someone stepped in and saved it. The MWAVE podcast with Youthman on YouTube may be inviting him on for an interview soon. Wish someone else could step in and have time to update it.

I found that site about 10 years ago. Unfortunately, and expectedly, the selection of tested subs is limited. For instance, I wanted small but powerful subs for both my home theater system and 2-channel system. Unobtrusive is important to me. Data-bass tends to focus on big subs, so I had to look elsewhere for the data. I went with 3 Paradigm Seismic 110 for my home theater, two NOS Sunfire Super Jr. for one of my 2-channel systems and a Velodyn MicroVee for the bedroom. None of these were on