The ”sweetspot” in the Nordost line of cables

One often hear that Heimdall 2 is the best bang for the buck but how do they stack up to Frey 2?
If anyone also have compared Heimdall or Frey to Shunyata Alpha I’m all ears.

Should be used with a Gryphon Diablo 300 and Magnepan 3.7’s



I had the NORDOST FREYs after test driving the HEIMDALLs and owning a couple of the lower rung LEIF models.


With your strata equipment, dipping down in the LEIF grouping will likely be a disappointment , and anything below the HEIMDALL is likely a poor choice IMO.

I also read the same oft-repeating pontification in prior posts and in alternate forums that HEIMDALL is the anecdotal “ sweet spot” in their model line. Maybe in some other bespoke systems , but I never experienced in mine. For me this characterization is just a hyperbole rationalization to justify their settling on the least expensive model in the NORSE 2 model grouping,

I found the FREYs as a distinct better choice and thus my “ sweet spot” contender of the “affordable” NORSE models.

NOTE: If budgets are not a prime purchase driver, then the REFERENCE group with VALHALLAs are no myth and well worth the step-up.

CAUTION: based on personal experience …

(1) LEIF strata cables are a disappointment based on their price. Ergo….a must to avoid if the NORDOST signature sound stirs your drink. You can do better IMO.

(2);Starting with NORDOST HEIMDALL , their cables can be very fine performers indeed in CERTAIN systems. BUT .,,AND ITS A BIG “BUT” ,,,,Their silver over copper coatings can make your audio performance be noticeably bright,

(3) An important qualification …. I had the FREYs for numerous years so I know their strengths and warts very well. They perform at the maximum if both the ICs and speaker cables are all-NORDOST and same model line or better.I found experimenting by mixing in other OEM brands to create a hybrid array was a disappointment that was not subtle compared to an matched all NORDOST loom.

PS: Careful system matching is critical. When I changed speakers to my new HARBETHs, a full cable changeover ( and further upgrade…) to a full CARDAS CLEAR loom was done to eliminate an overly bright audio performance, and also provide a stepped-up dynamics, slam, and presence in my “new” system as a whole.


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Have I personally bought or borrowed the VALHALLAs or ODINS and actually personally swapped them in and out ...NO .... I capped out at all-FREYs in my own system (ka-ching already!) But I have auditioned the very top models at audio expos.

Sonhere is the CANADA HI-FI reporter’s take from the NORDOST cables bake-off exhibit a few years back actually performed live at TAVES audio expo in Toronto.

They stopped at the improving model bakeoff summit at the VALHALLAs ( one below the ODINs) with the inference that a move-up in the model trendline is an improvement thst keeps going further progressively as you move up the model line. ... rge-de-sa/

".....I had a chance to sit in on a couple demonstrations in the Nordost room, giving my feet a well deserved break. I’m very familiar with the benefits of high quality cables and use a full Nordost Heimdall 2 loom with my reference two-channel setup. That being said, I always find the Nordost demonstrations to be an “ear-opening” experience. Michael Taylor from Nordost demonstrated the significant sonic benefits of replacing an OEM cable with a Nordost model – in particular

1) a swap of a single USB cable, from OEM to Nordost Blue Heaven ($250/2m), to Heimdall 2 ($500/2m) and;

2) a swap of a single RCA interconnect, from OEM, to Blue Heaven, to Heimdall 2, to Tyr 2 and finally Valhalla 2.

Along with convincing the audience in the room that cables DO matter, I’ve now got the bug to upgrade...."



I’ve had Heimdall, Frey 2 and Tyr 2.  The series 1 has a well deserved reputation for weak bass (brightness).  The series 2 fixed that and is a nicely balanced cable.  My opinion of the three:  The Heimdall was just ok.  The Frey 2 was pretty good.  The Tyr 2 was amazing.  

I have tried a number of levels.To me Nordost comes into its stride only at their highest levels. Valhalla and above. But, at that level they are very good. 

I use Transparent Ultra, but if I could afford it I would be using Odin 2. I had some in my system, and had to get them out before I started thinking of mortgaging my house.


We have very different experiences with NORDOST perceived “brightness”.

It’s important that varied personal experiences are laid out for the OP, so thx for posting yours .

I never had my NORDOST “brightness” described as a weak / underwhelming bass issue. Rather, their audio “bright” performance could still mine the bass down down to bedrock levels, but it also had an added emphasis/ result/ expression / (insert your own similar metaphor or description…) to make the sonic signature more noticeably “forward” and “cool” versus a “neutral” presentation in its classic sense, across the spectrum .

Introducing a CARDAS CLEAR cables full loom ( all of ICs, speaker , amd power ) provide me with that performance that aligns with the HARBETHs design and their legendary and class-leading midrange sonic signature, …. along with a further added presence, slam, and dynamics - that is not subtle- in MY system. ( emphasis added )

Find a dealer that can loan you the dealer demo cables.

I have demoed Odin II to Blue Heaven in my setup. 

With my level of setup-H2 from the wall to speakers. 

Personal cable reviews are just that, and not what you may experience. In some locations, it may not make a noticeable difference at all-my subs are plumbed with Blue Heaven-just because.

Questionable value at MSRP. If you can find used for 1/2 or less, great cable. One thing for certain- they make your setup look "high end" to your non audio friends.

“The Sweetspot in Nordost line” …Tyr 2 

However, with Maggie / Gryphon consider cables with PC-OCC copper….try Zavfino, Neotech or Audio Sensibility. I do not believe Nordost would be a wise choice. 

What do you guys think about the Norse 2 line specifically for power cables? I have the Heimdall 2 but don’t know how much better the Frey/Tyr 2 can get.


My previous Nordost PC frame of reference was the Brahma and Shiva lines, but they are well in the past.

Thanks for all your detailed and informative replies. The Valhalla and Odin are more than I’m willing to pay. Would Shunyata Alpha be a better match than the Nordost Leif cables?

Or would I be better off keeping my old cables?!

Synergistic Research T2/A/C Master Coupler pc, SR Accelerator XLR and AQ Argent speaker cables.


"Would Shunyata Alpha be a better match than the Nordost Leif cables?"

Your ears should be the only one to tell you that, certainly not anyone here.

Only the power cable incorporates construction principles of the upper levels. That said, it is a good buy to find out if Nordost catches your ear.

Heimdall is entry to the Nordost magic.

Your amp is at a level that shouldn't be dependent on cable brand. The "signature" should already be on display with your existing choices.


I A/B'd Shunyata Alphas, Heimdall 2, and Frey 2 speaker cables.  I chose the Heimdall 2's.  The Freys were a little better but not enough for me to justify buying them over the Heimdalls.  I wanted to like the Alphas better, but the Nordost won.

With Nordost your system must be on the certain level and you have to take time to evaluate these cables. I’ve tried Heimdal 2 and Frey 2. Frey 2 was better. But they didn’t wow me. The Tyr 2 is just next level in SQ. I’m running Tyr 2 XLRs now and this is the best my system ever sounded. There’s also a surprising synergy between the Tyr 2 interconnects and the Audience AU24SX speaker cables that I currently use.
Will most likely give the Tyr 2 speaker cables a try soon to see what they have to offer over Audience.

So the sweet spot in the Nordost line up is what sounds best to you in your system within your budget. 

Thanks, the Frey 2 speaker cables was an improvement over my AQ Argent SCs but not a night and day difference.

The Tyr 2 SC is more than twice the price of the Frey 2, perhaps a Tyr 2 IC with Frey 2 SC would be a good combo for far less money than an all Tyr 2 combo 🤔