Things To make Schiit freya + a even better preamplifier

The Schiit Freya +  is the best  preamp in its price class and having #2 setting a decent Solid state setting .   I would like to see a Standby circuit to keep a few volts on the circuit this would add longevity ,and shorter warm up times  for the Vacuum tubes.,instead of having to shut off every time in back,    Also,   And this is a big oversight in its design IMO ,tubes should be held by their base and rocked  to remove , currently as most do they  roll tubes putting in vintage tubes ,by pulling on the tube glass  directly you have much greater chance of breaking the seal to the base., also  the IEC input you can put in a Copper Gold Furutech IEC that would cost them under $15 and 3x far better conductor and remove the bottleneck of the low cost $3 brass zinc plated types many companies use Why ? Makes no sense it’s a bottleneck.  Regarding the Tube deck height  by raising the deck an inch to have at lease 1/2 inch of the tube base exposed ,this way you can hold the tube base and remove the tube without potentially destroying the tube. Which happened to a Audio friend ,and a few others online , his tube was a 1940s Tungsol black glass Round top which is very $$ expensive , others were also very $$ tubes ,it would be a pretty easy fix raising the tube socket deck height ,and the standby for the tube heater ,yes it would raise the cost but well worth it , also the 4- 2.2 uf  coupling capacitors inside are ok wima capacitors . It would be nice if they offered a SE version using VH Odam caps and resistor upgrade , I have heard this preamp modded for $300 and I have pictures of it and simple mods and at least a 7+ % increase in fidelity.

that being said the Standby , and raising the tube deck make a lot of sense, especially if you lost $$ with older tube bases cracking by having to hold the glass instead of the base. which Anyone with tube experience knows the 40s-60s was when vacuum tubes especially these 6SN7 tubes all other NOS tubes were the best and longest lasting.

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Perhaps not bad thoughts (though I don't know if anyone at Schiit reads this forum) but keep in mind that designing gear for mass manufacturing is not a simple process.  You might enjoy reading Jason Stoddard's book "Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-up" in which he discusses the many challenges of manufacturing audio electronics.   One of the keys to the good sound they offer at their price points are the choices they make concerning casework and the assembly process.  Also, keep in mind that the dollar figures you give for some alternate components will likely quadruple or more that cost in the retail price, which would in turn affect how many get sold which could further impact list price.

I’d be happy if they just improved the ergonomics so you could see where the volume is at and what the LED’s actually mean. 😀