Thomas Mayer 46 SE tube AMP? What's it worth

Hi all, just looking for some advice really.

i have stumbled across what appears to be some high end audio equipment, but really have no idea on it's worth. It includes the following:
A pair of Harbeth speakers,
Thorens record deck, with a Swissonor TA10 arm.
Rhea Aesthetix Pre-Amp?,
Thomas Mayer 46 SE Amplifier,
Pass Aleph P Amplifier?
Gamut CD Player
Loricraft vinyl cleaning machine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Subscribe to the Audiogon blue book service. Most, if not all, of these items will be included.
Start an auction and find out what they are worth, or you could subscribe to bluebook or check Ebay completed listings.
You can also use to see which of these items may currently be for sale as well as any completed listings. It checks most of the popular sights for audio equipment sales around the world of course including Audiogon.
Thanks for the advice so far.
I am still negotiating to buy the equipment, but want to be sure that I'm going to profit and also want to be sure that my offer is competitive and fair to the seller.


I assume that this is UK based system (seems very familiar), which will affect the prices of the individual components.

If you are planning on using the system then research each component for UK sales data (the system is for a small room and/or listening in the near-field).

If you are planning on flipping it for a profit then I doubt you will be successful (based upon the nature of the gear itself and the nature of your query).

If I'm right (about the provenance of the system) the Thorens is a refurbished TD124 oil bearing and the Harbeths are the little P3ESR's.
Well at least Steve you are honest in your intent of buying the gear and selling it later. Just buy the Audiogon Blue Book membership or search the ebay's completed sold listings to get an idea about fair market value for the gear you want to sell. Posting pricing inquiries here in the forum is pure rubbish. I'm surprised the moderators keep letting these inquiries through.
FYI: The Rhea is a phono stage and an unusually flexible and good sounding one, at that.
Thanks again for the feedback.I am a vinyl record dealer based in the UK, but sometimes end up with Audio Equipment thrown into the deal.

I think I have worked most of it out now, but to be honest still not sure the worth of the Thomas Mayer.



did you get the Thomas Mayer 46 SE amp?? If you did and ever plan to sell it please let me know.

thank you 
That Thomas Mayer amp is a piece of crud.  If you send it to me I'll dispose of it properly for you...

Thomas Mayer produces on-off handmade amps and preamps in Germany.  He is a very talented builder and his products are visually stunning and sound absolutely wonderful.  This is what every SET amp wants to be when it grows up and puts on a tux.

The 46 tube is a real sleeper - it is very sweet without too much midrange bloom.  Not many watts so you're going to need to be very selective when it comes to speakers.  Personally, I would drive it with a good DHT preamp using an 01 or 201CX tube.  Preferably one of Thomas' although Radu Tarta makes great DHT preamps as well.

If you like the SET tube sound, you'll be in heaven.  If not, you'll have no problems selling it.