Best John Mayer Album

John Mayer's name keeps popping up. What album do you think is his best?
The live album Try! from a few years back. Truly an awesome album. Happy listening.
My favorite is "Room for Squares" just because it has one of my favorite songs "No Such Thing". I also really like "Continuum". If you like blues, the John Mayer Trio-"Try" is good.

I haven't heard the new live release that's out.
Haven't heard "Try", but I can say that Continuum is truly excellent - songwriting-wise and guitar-playing wise.

I realize it's cool to hate John Mayer, but if you can get over that, Continuum will really reward you.

Plus, it's a great album to use when you want to show off your system - vinyl or CD. "Belief" is my favorite one for this...the low end is something else.
The absolute BEST John Mayer album is not a John Mayer album. It is a Herbie Hancock album: Possibilities.

Only one song by John Mayer, but Christina Aguilera, Annie Lennox and others are also riveting. The DVD is more fun if you have good sound for your video system.

I thought John Mayer was so amazing after seeing this DVD, that I ran out and bought all of his albums.

I didn't like any of them, but YMMV.
the Mayer of old is not the Mayer lately....was pop king now blues rock man with amazing chops...Continuum is good and so is the live album
why name an album room for squares?... after Hank Mobley's definitive no room for squares?
Pick it up if your square.
Try! - John Mayer Trio Live is a great LP. Agree that Continuum is also very good. Room For Squares, his debut has lots of good songwriting, but is more of a "wish I was Steely Dan" feel to it. Like many artists, sophmore(& junior) slump hits his next couple of albums. If you enjoy Stevie Ray V. then the live album is a must. Cheers,
All of JM albums are very good, it is difficult to pick 1.
Another vote for 'Try' the JM trio...
No, someone didn't just compare John Mayer to Stevie Ray Vaughn did they? Wow..
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I am not a true JM fan (but love Jennifer A.) but in 1999 he opened up for the Rolling Stones in Houston, by himself - no band, and the 'kid' wailed. He didn't 'blow the 'stones off stage, but was very respectable in his performance. I do like Try (Steve Jordon and Pino Palladino may have something to do with this).
Mac, there's a big difference between suggesting that Stevie Ray fans might enjoy "Try", and implying that I hold the two on the same plane. The reason I mentioned it is that Mayer has been quoted as saying that SRV was a hero of his, and that he's inspired him. I'd kinda put it in the vein of "If you're a Deadhead, then you might get a kick out of Phish". Cheers,

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Not really. His early stuff is more hit conscious, sorta some place where SteelyDan, Hall&Oates and frosted PopTarts collide.

The "Try" album has more bluesy feel, some nice solos, and with live ambience plus Jordan & Palladino. IMHO worth getting, especially on vinyl.
Sbank, on the contrary, I am a Deadhead and that is precisely why I have never even heard a Phish recording. Imitation is indeed the strongest form of flattery but I have no desire to here an over-rated cover band capitalizing on what only the Dead can do. After all the Grateful Dead are the originators of what they did and some young punks from Vermont born years after the fact don't really have the ingredients or make up, do they?.
Dreadhead I've been to 65 Dead shows and felt that way about Phish back in 1989. I then caught a few Phish shows and was hooked. I've seen about 30 shows since. You should really give them a shot, particularly live stuff from 1990-1996. They are a jam band yes, but not at all a cover band. They are super talented and play unique and inventive music. It's pretty easy to dismiss something that you've never checked out yourself, do yourself a favor, open your mind and your ears.

Check out the live in LA album.
Jond, thanks for the advice. I saw Trey live with a band I can't remember and I am also a big fan of Oysterhead.
I saw John Mayer open for the Rolling Stones in a trio. Very guitar oriented. They played Hendrix. I was not impressed. I did love his skit on the Dave Chappell Show. He seems like a decent guy and gets all the good poon- tang, you gotta admire that.
Musically speaking, Phish really is completely different from the Dead. They are both known for extended improvised jams, but beyond that the thing they both have is a lot of hippie fans who who are there for the scene at least as much as they're are there for the music, and follow them on tour from show to show. But they are tremendously talented, and if you wanna check out some of their live stuff, they are allowing free downloads (mp3) of this weekend's shows for a limited time...

Sorry to hijack this thread. The only John Mayer album I have is Room for Squares. I like it, but would like to check out some of his later stuff.
John Mayer's performance on a recent live BB King gig I saw on the tube was pretty, cool, pretty neat, esp. the tune, Gravity. Was it BB King and Friends? Maybe. With Eric Clapton and possibly Johnny Winter.
Dreahead and Eerae,

The point I was trying to make, and I guess I didn't very well is about INSPIRATION. I've seen the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia Band, Bob Weir, and Phil Lesh many times. My take on Phish is not that they are as good(or not--whatever your opinion is, fine) as the Dead, but that they found inspiration in the Dead's music that no doubt influenced the development of their own sound. When I saw Trey guest with Phil Lesh & Friends this was obvious in about 10 seconds. Everyone knew that Trey cherishes the Dead, and that helped make him what he is, his own unique musician. No doubt that John Mayer feels the same way about SRV, INPSIRED! Cheers,
Finally got around to picking up "Continuum" and now I understand the somewhat mixed impressions about the artist. The music struck me as being poppish at times, but on a couple of tracks Mayer's guitar playing really shines through. He's definitely worth a second round, so "Where the Light is" is now on the buy list.

Thanks for the insight everyone.
I just got the Live DVD and I'm more impressed than excited. He can definitely play, but he doesn't have a lot to "say". He works a lot of ground that 's already been covered, and covered with more creativity. If he ever finds an original voice, he could really do some damage.


PS He just bought a house across the highway, if I see him at the local supermarket I'll fill him in on these posts.