To all of the Wilson Audio owners:

I would love your input. I am also a Wilson Audio owner, Sophia series 2. I think the speakers are fantastic, my mother-in-law has cub series 2, a good friend has Sasha  2’s. I often times think that my next speaker will be Yvette  or  Sasha.


But here’s the big question that I would like to hear some answers for here: if you were to change your speakers from Wilson to another brand, what speakers have you considered or would you consider to replace Wilson’s? At this point, this is really just a thought Experiment. But I would really like to know what our community thinks about the nearest competing brands. So if you don’t mind, tell me which model of Wilson‘s you have, and if you had to replace them with a non-Wilson speaker what would it be or what would the contenders be?




I replaced my Wilson Yvette for Scansonic MB-6B, which I did prefer to the Wilson, but with an endgame plan to upgrade from those to a Borresen Z3 Cryo. The Yvettes were a wonderful speaker, but I could not give them the optimal amount of room for them to shine as best as they could. That is one precaution with Wilson, and in my experience, a less expensive speaker that was a better fit for my room was an overall better performer. 

How big is your room and how many feet can you afford to have behind your speakers?

I think my room size and speaker position is fairly well proportioned for my Sophia‘s. The room is roughly 45 m² (about 500 ft²).  It comprises one open space that is a living room and dining room.  My speaker position has Just under a 1 m (about 3 feet) from the back of the speaker to the wall.  My space is a living area, not a dedicated listing room so it’s certainly not perfect but I do believe that the space works for what it is.

I see you have chosen 2 Danish speakers. Interesting. Coincidence? Did you also consider Raidho?





I would say that the Yvette needed at least five feet behind the speaker to sound its best, but it did sound very good in my space. I only had it about 4ft from the back of the speakers to the wall. Without the extra foot, or maybe even two, there was a bit of congestion in the bass and mod was that affected the remainder of the frequency spectrum and resulted in the overall character in being just a bit darker vs situations where I heard the Yvette at their best (at dealers, shows, and other people’s homes). There is another thread here where I explain this, and many people agree that bigger Wilson’s need the space. This is not meant to discourage you, but just to inform you so you may consider the best choice moving forward. 

I chose Scansonic and Borresen due to the Borresen sound. Michael Borresen was the original designer of the Scansonic MB series as well as all Raidho speakers prior to leaving Dantax to start his own line in 2018. I did consider Raidho as well, but the Raidho tweeter is damaged more easily than the tweeters Michael designed for his own line (and his are even better). But yes, Raidho were also on the shortlist. 

Had Watt 8 while they were enjoyable they sounded a bit like a toy compared to my horn-loaded mains so I sold them after 3 months.

I had the original Sophias briefly. I brought them in to compare against Piega P10s and Green Mountain Audio C3s, both of which I enjoyed more than the Wilsons. It's not that they were bad, they did many things very well. But it was more hi-fi than music and the midrange just didn't sound as real as the other contenders.

I replaced a pair of Wilson Cubs with B&W 802D's in my main system.

Still enjoying the Cubs in the home theater though. They (Wilson Cubs) are a very nice speaker, built like a rock, & given enough room will throw a great soundstage.   

I’m enjoying the Sabrina. As the others pointed out, speaker placement with the Wilsons is critical. It can make it or break it. I ended up with about 4ft from between the speakers and the wall behind them. Also how far away you sit from the speakers is equally important. Room acoustics play a huge role. 
If I were to replace them with a non-Wilson pair of speakers, I always wanted to try Focal Sopra 2 or Sopra 3. Those would definitely be at the top of my list. Followed by Sonus Faber Serafino or Olympica 3. 

I have Watt/Puppy 8s and I would every change to a different brand it would be Magnepan. Totally different but excellent in their own way

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