Total spent on music vs equipment?

I estimate I have about $8K in audio equipment and just over $20K in LP's/CD's/downloaded files.

How about you all?
Byegolly: Hat's off to you for spending more on music than equipment!!! I'm at about 50/50, but aim to correct that in time.
I have never kept track, but I have one room for music and movie storage and another for equipment....totally insane.
Wow, it must be a heck of a collection when average CD costs $10-$15 a pop. I need a few hundreds more CDs to break even.
System-$100,000, Music-$13.95. I really like audio equipment but am not that onto music. 8^)
"Hat's off to you for spending more on music than equipment!!!"

Not included in that total is my massive LP collection (I inherited my dad's LP's and continued collecting my own LP's into my early thirties) I sold-off for peanuts. At least I should have have hung-on to the collectible Lp's. Duh!
About $5K in equipment purchased at probably 30% of retail.
Maybe $10K in music, only counting cds. I also sold off most of my lps for peanuts a few years ago.

I think my software is worth more than my system. I have gone through LaserDisk and other dead formats so I try not think too much about the cost of software for any format.
That way I stay sane, HEHEHEHEHE.
wow, I'm in the minority. I started on the gear about 4 yrs ago (mostly HT then) and evolved into more music oriented.

prob only 10k in music, out 3 times that in gear
That is hard to say. I have kept 99% of my software, but turned over a lot of gear. Thanks for reminding me.
i have more invested in music than gear although its very close,im at $6.5k for gear and $7.5k for music
Easy. Gear, room, media. I never apologize for putting the vast amount of my resources into the rig and room. I wouldn't have the experience I do when listening if I'd not focused on the goal of the best musical reproduction I can afford.

I feel justified for not having spent tens of thousands on media; for $12.95/mo I have the world of music through the rig I poured my capital into.

Many are the audiophiles who have blown far too much on lousy media they never listen to, who would have a far more enjoyable experience had they put that money to work on the development of the system.
968 CD's
209 LP's
many music downloads from .99 to 4.99

My guesstimate may be off a bit (o:

I'm guessing my average cost per CD is higher than $15 because I have many, many high quality CD's that bump the average up.

Soon enough myself and everyone other disc buyer will have a pile of plastic that will fetch pennies on the dollar at flea markets as another format will be undoubtedly be the new standard of the day - and I don't mean FLAC, etc.

..and so it goes.
400 CDs, mostly classical; about half of them second-hand from one of the numerous stores within walking distance. Average cost $10 at a guess, so 4 Gs.

3000 LPs, some inherited, some gifts, some dragged around for years (Workingman's Dead!) but most bought at fire sale prices from the same second hand stores, at the time when deluded folks were selling their collections to go digital. Average cost $4 at a guess, so 12 Gs.

Main system actual cost about 12 Gs last time I checked but that's for current items. Does not count money spent and lost on resale / upgrade. I've broken even often enough but expect a loss normally. This maybe up to 4Gs over time.

Puts the outlay about even, gear = music.
An audio audit... super.

All the gear or just two ch gear?

MSRP or actual?

I'll have to take my shoes off for this.

Over $20K gearwise, in actual cost, easy! Probably closer to $25K.

Up around $7-8K in software, non inclusive of older LPs... pop & rock from the '60s & '70s, I've no clue as to how much they're worth really is. Call it $2K.

how much would 450+ DVDs come out to? Add that in then.

... and I still need a few more items in the gear side of things. Mostly wires and an Oppo BR. then there is that 'headphone' system I'd like to investigate too.

...and the room? Add on another $10K there easily... so far.

Hey... this little adventure is getting expensive.

Crap! I bet BR discs are higher than DVDs too. Lovely.

OK. I'm sufficiently astonished.

Thanks for the reminder.
I enjoy the music with lots of different ways:
Home audio: including analogue rig and headphone setup $6k
Music and musical instruments:
Guitars, amps, pedals $2k
Records $20k
CD's $2k (always varies since they're being bought and sold on ebay)
Dowloads mostly free
Concert tickets $500 -- $1000 anually.
Jam sessions with band mostly without spending on the rehersal space, but still enjoying music.
Jam sessions with instructor near $1000 anually.
I hold my equipment dollars at $10K, I sell and buy with that ceiling, never to be exceeded. Music is over $100k and growing. Includes all types of digital media plus analog in lps, tapes (all kinds). Enjoy the music.
Music (mostly classical):

-- 600 LP's: $5K
-- 100 CD's: $1K

Total: $6K

System (take your pick as to which number to use):

-- Actual investment in current system: $13K
-- Actual investment including gains/losses on equipment sold: $18K
-- Total msrp of current system: $19K
-- Total msrp of current system, inflation adjusted: $34K

The reason for the high inflation adjusted figure is that the system includes components from each of the last 6 decades, ranging from a 1954 REL Precedent tuner to a 2008 Bryston BCD-1.

-- Al
1500 LP's
800 CD's
$10,000.00 in gear (bought all used)
spent a couple grand stock piling tubes.
Just met a guy who has 20,000 LP's!!
$4,000 in gear currently in use and purchased secondhand.

4000 cd's, not all new so price ranges from $1-$14 approx,
so maybe $13000+?

A few thousand albums in storage with no intention to see the light of day for the forseeable future.
Vive le cd!
Gawdbless, Are you interested in selling any of your albums? If so kindly contact me here are A'Gon.

Depending on where you live (climate concern) and where they are stored (related to the previous), I will make you a very nice offer to buy them site unseen, pick them up and ship them back to myself.

Let me know if you are interested.
Sit & Mac, thank you for your interest in my unused vinyl collection, they regrettably are not for sale, I have to many classics that are all in pristine condition all with plastic protective covers, and I would be heart broken If I had to part with them.