TotalDAC D1 Driver-anyone using one yet?

I'm reading that TotalDAC has a product called the D1 Driver that can sit between the DAC and preamp, or between the DAC (with volume control) and the amp directly. It acts like the active part of the preamp. This D1 driver component does not have a volume control, but is said to enhance the SQ. It's said to address the "does the DAC sound better with or without a preamp" question. I have reviewed the TotalDAC website and read one of the professional reviews, but it seems like the translation to English might be a bit off.  Lots of exciting prose, but I am still looking for more information. Has anyone heard an implementation of the D1 driver?
From what I have read, the Totaldac d1-driver appears to be a high quality buffer amplifier. I use a unity gain (i.e., x1) buffer by SMc Audio between my DAC and my amplifiers. My DAC outputs to a passive volume control then to the buffer then to the amps.

A buffer generally has high input impedance and low output impedance to reduce/eliminate impedance mismatches and cable colorations. Even operated as a unity gain unit, a good buffer can help maintain dynamics and tonal density thereby improving the sound of DAC direct-to-amp set-ups (i.e., volume control in the DAC) and systems using passive volume controls. Based on the available reviews and pictures, the d1-driver appears to be well-made and, if I wasn’t already accommodated by the SMc unit, I would certainly give it a try.
Thanks! Now why doesn't the website say something more useful and concise like that! So, I'm digital only and have found that my streamers sound better with a preamp so that was why I was going down this path. Plus dCS doesn't seem advise using the Bartok as a volume control.  I'm recently enamored with Townsend products so  I was thinking of trying the Townsend Allegri Reference passive in place of my ARC REF 10. Can you guess how that trade would work out? I have no experience with passive preamps. I'm driving Parasound JC1+ amps which I'm told will work with a passive. 
I have no experience with ARC preamps so don't know what substituting the Townshend Allegri Reference passive in place of my ARC REF 10 will do to the sound of your system.  I believe the Townshend is an auto former or auto transformer preamp so do your homework on the collective sound of those types of units and in general expect maybe a bit more detail and maybe less color and body compared to your ARC preaamp, but that is a gross generalization based on comparing the many tubed preamps I have owned with other TVC or auto former type preamps I have had here, but without ever hearing a Townshend preamp, which I believe uses their fractal wire.  The Allegri Reference unit is pretty cool and was on my radar last year when I was looking for a passive volume control after switching DACs to one that does not have an internal volume control.  The TotalDAC D1 Driver would seem to be a good partner to the passive Allegri Reference if you like the sound of a preamp compared to the DAC direct to amp sound in your system.  Wouldn't it be great if we could try this stuff before buying it?
TotalDAC D1 Driver-anyone using one yet?

It’s obviously capacitor couple, looking at those two water tanks inside,
Can’t see why anyone would want to do that with a solid state buffer, direct coupled would be so much easier and less costly even with dc servo if needed????

PS: Unless it’s a single ended solid state design, then it needs capacitor coupling this is probably why, could be very good, if those coupling caps are transparent enough?? A friend of mine could get one for review.

Cheers George

your comment is above my head, but may answer why there is only an RCA in to the TotalDAC Driver. I think is has both RCA and "balanced" out, but only RCA in.
These are maybe’s.

Maybe because the dac’s R2R output is really single ended only, and it’s balanced (xlr) outputs use converters (se to xlr) get it, and doesn’t sound quite as good from the xlr because of that converter?
And that it sits within a 1mt of of the dac means SE is only needed.

Why not flick Vincent Brient an email to come here and explain

Cheers George

@georgehifi - I believe you are correct. The information on the totaldac website says:
-one-box stereo version: RCA inputs, RCA outputs + unbalanced XLR outputs
-two-box monobloc version: RCA inputs + XLR inputs, RCA outputs + balanced XLR outputs
The XLR outputs on the stereo version appear to be "convenience" outputs for those using XLR cables but not really carrying two symmetrically balanced/inverted signals.  Sounds like a single-ended piece that must be doubled up (mono version) if you want a true balanced circuit.

Based of the huge input impedance and low output impedance, the d1-driver should work very well as a buffer.  You can get it as a unity (0dB) gain version or with 10dB gain.  I would really like to hear the unity gain version and compare the sound of it with my SMc unit.
From the website:
-very easy input impedance: 1MegaOhm
-natural low output impedance plus added 40ohm pure resitor for a perfect interconnect impedance matching
-can drive anything above 100ohm without distorsion
The XLR outputs on the stereo version appear to be "convenience" outputs for those using XLR cables but not really carrying two symmetrically balanced/inverted signals.
Which to me says the rca outputs should sound just a bit better than the xlr.
Because the signal doesn’t then have to go through a "rca to xlr conversion circuit" be it opamp or discrete based, most use opamps for this kind of pseudo xlr output.

Cheers George
Im  also running a pair of new JC1+. I’ve tried to link my LUMIN T2 directly into these witch gave me a quite different sound to my JC2 pre. Dead quiet but I do prefer the sound of the JC2. LUMIN does have the Leedh volume control but after a weekend with try I went back to my JC2.
No, but I have a Townsend Allegri passive coming on Tuesday to shoot it out with my ARC REF10. I have too many changes to be as thoughtful as I should be, but I also have a used Vivaldi stack coming which can also go direct. That said the Allegri is supposed to be great in that combo. Since I am Digital only the REF10 while totally cool isn't really necessary. I'll let you know what the Allegri ref does with my Bartok streamer.
Sorry, one other thought. I tried to slip one by my wife who is a musician and has a better ear than I. I went dCS Bartok direct to the JC1+s and didn't tell her I did anything, but asked her how the system sounded. She said..."it sounds flat like a car radio". She pulls no punches. When I worked at listening to why I liked the sound, I realized that I fell for the analytical/detailed sound at the expense of an alive sound. I am prone to this mistake.
You are not alone. Not at all. From what I can see it is mainstream. That is why my comments on the first power cord Lubos sent me. An awful lot of guys would go gaga for it. But to me it was analytical, lacking body and palpable presence. He totally solved that with Nova and especially Supernova. That is what makes them so awesome. The combination of super neutral analytical speed and detail with a full warm liquid character is the sound that comes closest to that real "alive" sound.