All New Totaldac D100 Loudspeakers....The HOLY GRAIL OF SPEAKERS ?!

They say go head and compare these Totaldac D100 speakers to any other speakers AT ANY PRICE !
 These new Totaldac D100's cost UNDER $15K !
Ahh yes, yet another holy grail. I can hardly wait for you to report on the next one....
Accordion style surrounds are a no go for me!

Woofer don’t move enough for bass, kick drum, and toms’

Horn loaded HF is a no go for me as well.Love how they say they are not too expensive..?
Would love to hear a pair. 

  Those monoblocs’ look bada$$. Nice transformer size!
specs seem ok, would love to hear those on the old B&W 800 w the 15” woofer! Still remember those years back, shook my chest jamming to humble pie’s - 30 days in the hole, ac/dc’s  powerage & back in black.      

"Woofer don’t move enough for bass, kick drum, and toms’"
Wrong you are arcticdeth. They have been used successfully by many companies and can produce excellent bass. You're talking nonsense.
I would expect proper grammar advertising a $15,000 speaker, and certainly not a mistake in the 4th sentence.  Hire someone.  It reads like the instructions for some cheap kitchen gadget my wife bought at the Asian market

You are so much cooler (and more subtle) than MC that I’m considering purchasing 10 pairs of these speakers - just because you are such a breath of fresh air.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wowsy wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Those look like 1970 speakers. Out dated. sorry been there done that.
The new Tech are Full range Neodymium magnets/alnico magnets  and Full Range Field Coil
Pricey as heck, but when we are talking <<best>> gotta pay the piper. 
Had an amazing pair of speakers. Accordion surround, bottom out every bass kick drum hit. 
   Like a flicking a p icee of cardboard w ur finger.  
   Went with half roll surround, amazing.  Never get accordion surrounds again.      They are not the same. 
  Had a new pair of cerwin Vega 380 SE.  
eveey kick drum it was a bad sound,

    Roll ever since and no issues. 
I listened to the link highend666, and seriously, that music sounded like so many speaker demos that I've heard on heard on youtube. Some whiny Asian sounding raga type thing with a metallic tap here and there. They look like a design that I would probably love, but I can't tell by that demo.
I almost felt like crying too, but for a different reason. 
Let’s get this party started !

I could be looking at my End-Game speakers here at a much much lower price too than the Magico M6's or M9's or other very high end speakers !

Waiting for Totaldac to get some dealers here in the USA
Sorry, not impressed. That is very simple music to reproduce, and in no way shows what purportedly would be the definitive advantages of such a speaker. Any number of speakers can do that, even ones at far less MSRP. Fail.

BTW, I have no axe to grind in regard to this speaker. I would assess similarly with any speaker purportedly shown to be superior from such a recording.
Make sure to post your pics of these amazing speakers after you receive them......
Some of yall are funny as hell. This supposed to be a high end audio forum.  All I hear is guys complaining who's wrong who's right. Who's rich or poor depending on what equipment you have. Who's smarter than everyone else.  IT'S ABOUT LISTENING ENJOYING A DECENT PIECE OR PIECES OF AUDIO EQUIPMENT.  RECOMMENDING A VERY GOOD PRODUCT AT A FANTASTIC PRICE.  ETC
American speakers market is tight , believe me , is very hard to sell new product in US , espeasiallu in this price range, too many competitor's
. You have to spend million dollars in advertising  to get back   small fraction of this investment  

I received my d100 about 2 weeks ago. Still in the process of fine tuning my system  but so far they show lots of promise. Driving them with Luxman L595 integrated.and a Yggdrasil DAC. I’ve owned various Magico’s over the past 5 years so this is a much different presentation.

These are virtually impossible to audition in the US but if anyone is interested in hearing them let me know. I’m in the Hilton Head area.



Thank you for the new insight audio_nirvana. Look forward to additional updates as they settle in over time.  Nice system. 

Here’s a link to listening impressions at the Munich show. It’s post# 259.

it’s too bad more people in N. America can’t easily get to audition this speaker.