Transformer..? Moving To TheUK

Hey Guys - I'm taking the whole Kitten Kaboodle to the UK this fall. Initially, I would LOVE to find a quality step-down transformer. Eventually, I'll get each piece retrofitted with new internal power supply's... What you think..? Are there good brands out there for quiet clean power for:


ARC 160s


DCS Rossini Apex

Rossini Clock

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The internal conversion might not be that difficult if there are existing taps on the transformers. The manufacturers should be able to advise.

@yeti42  - For sure both ARC and DCS have not expensive schemes to transplant internal power supplies. Just means a lot of shipping of these heavy and delicate pieces. I will get that done in the Uk once I arrive. I can actually drive the stuff to authorized service spots instead of shipping all the way back to ARC in Minnesota.

Thank yo so much for your feedback…!

The 4.0 answer would be a power regenerator that is fed by 240 and puts out 120.

I'm not aware of one.  i don't know why PSA and others to provide this. I looked for one to power a 240V amp from 120 and even called PSA and they weren't interested in even talking about it.

If you can't find this, then buy an oversized transformer--2000 to 5000 watts.  Even an inexpensive transformer will provide power at least as clean at the wall.  The downside is that your transformer may humm.  If you can put the transformer in a room behind your stereo and poke a hole in the wall for a cable that would be ideal.


theartofsound is a UK dealer with an enthusiast forum 90% based in the UK. Those lads will be happy to help if you if you're polite and don't remind them we won the revolutionary war ;-) 

I have moved to Europe, from the USA, twice. Simply bought myself a 2 kW voltage converter/power stabilizer. Worked perfectly for me. You can use something like this:

Alternatively, just buy a 220V-110V transformer and use it with your power conditioner. See my previous post on this subject.

Warning: A lot of Krell, Martin Logan, Mark Levinson etc. equipment have a voltage/frequency sensing chip on the power input board. If it detects the correct voltage but wrong frequency it will not work. I found out the hard way when I tried to run my Krell HTS on a 220V-110V transformer; 110V/50Hz instead of 110V/60Hz.


When you relocate to the UK I would highly recommend the purchase of one if these : Not only are you able to set the voltage but also importantly the unit auto detects the frequency required, otherwise your smaller made for US transformers built to 60Hz spec will run a little hotter than normal on UK mains 50Hz .

Should you wish to have the mains transformers swapped out for UK speck speak with Pedro at Absolute Sounds UK.

For your information The guy that owns theartofsound forum is not a HiFi dealer.