Transparent plus speaker cables

Would any one recommend transparent plus speaker cables. I am using tekton moabs that are 4 ohms.

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I can certainly recommend Transparent speaker cables in general. I have them, interconnects and power cords on my main system (ultra). But it is completely dependent on your electronics and speakers. If you want to feed exactly the tone and balance to your speakers, those are for you. My electronics are spectacular with perfect tonal balance, and are complementary (see my ID), so they are perfect.

I bought a pair 25 years ago when my electronics were not nearly as good and I was using really revealing ribbon speakers. They passes that harsh signal to my speakers. I had to get really warm “cover up” cables. When I dumped the ribbon speakers and upgraded my electronics… within a minute (no detail coming through) I went running to find my Transparent (in storage)… swapped them and my system sounded perfect. Since then, Transparent always win in my system.


So, it depends.



Transparent cables are great, but as mentioned “it depends”. But that holds true with most cables actually. The Supers are good, but if you can bump up to Ultra’s that would be great. IMO they are the sweet spot, bang for the buck of the Transparent cables. Each step up can be significant, but pricing goes up nearly exponentially.

I recommend Transparent speaker cables as well--I have them connected to my Dynaudio Special 40s.  

My system has Transparent Super G6 cables. Each Level up approximately doubles in price but the nice thing about Transparent is their excellent trade up program. The Super speaker cables are a nice solid weight and thickness without a large network box. If you can, you might want to step up from Plus to Super because that's more of the Super/ Ultra sweet spot range.  

I'm sure transparent cables are excellent.  However, your speakers are extremely resolving and capable of great detail with little power requirements so I would think about the next level of improvement when I spend as much money as you're considering.  I would consider a woven design cable with a low mass connector.

If you want to stay traditional, I'm sure they will sound great with Transparent.


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Another +vote for Transparent "Super" being the sweet spot Model.


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So far so good with the Transparent "Plus" speaker cables... quite pleased with them... but if I start upgrading some gear in a year or two, yeah, I'll eventually look into the Trade Up Program for "Super" or more likely the "Ultra" down the road. The thing is, it won't be just speakers cables... but XLRs and RCAs too.

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