Tube amps and power consumption

A few days ago, I almost bought a Jadis Orchestra, pretty confident that it was among the best tube integrated I could get. Then, I read the specs and I found out its power consumption was 300 watts. That's a lot compared to my actual amp, a SS 100 watts per chanel which uses only 70 watts. My amp is on all day long so I figured that the Jadis consumption was excessive. Do ALL tube amps have such a power consumption?
Actually, yr SS at full power should consume over 200W. The 70W is probably consumption when idle.
Do ALL tube amps have such a power consumption?
By "same" I assume you mean "high" power consumption.
Consumption is a matter of the output power of the amp & the circuit design. Generally speaking, you can find SS with relatively low or very low consumption figures... but hardly any tubes. Not to get too technical, 300W looks reasonable for the Jadis....
Tube amps and Class A rated amps definitely consume more power. You get what you pay for... I'll take a 300 watt consuming Jadis over a 70 watts consumption Technics any day.

Also, keep in mind that you don't want to leave a tube amp on all of the time. Output tubes are expensive to replace and when on all of the time you will be replacing them at least once a year.
Jadis Orchestra is an excellent amp - just go for it and don't think about power consumption. 300W is not to much ...
That 70W is only for standby. It can draw much more under demand.

My 100W, class A, SS draws 500W at idle that just goes to heat.
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Generally, Class A and Class A/B tube amps will have an efficency in the area of 25 percent. If your amp consumes 300 watts total, then the power rating is around 75 watts per channel.

A solid state Class A is generally less efficient (about 20 percent) even at idle whereas a Class A/B can be 70 percent efficient at idle - a loose term since you're not getting music when the amp is idle - but the power consumption goes up when the amp is pushed out of Class A. This is because the Class A bias is at a very low percentage of the total power.

Everything you stated is par for the technology.
Biasing your JOR will be required about once a year accoridng to your usage. KT 90 output tubes are no longer available, so that you will be using kt88's or 6550's (it won't sound the same as with kt90's). It sounds to me as if you chose a YBA Integra DT (a very nice sounding solid state unit, also French, btw), you might be far better off. See if you can't find one to audition. Happy Listening,
Well judging exclusively from the heat that comes out of my ARC Ref 2 mk 2, tubes use up a lot of energy, fortunately for me I live in Canada so the preamp also acts as a space heater!
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