TV bad why?

I've read in a few threads recently that it is bad to have your TV in the gap between your speakers. Why is this? Reflection from the screen? My room doesn't really allow any other speakers are approx 8 feet apart with the TV on an AV stand about 3 feet behind and diagonally away about three feet for each speaker. I'm happy with the sound but just interested as to why this is not ideal. And to be frank don't fany lumping my 28inch widescreen about in order to tweak. Thanks in advance. Ben
Ben: Try moving it out just one time if you want to know what it is doing to the sound. Who knows, you may find that it sounds better with the TV behind the speakers. I have a bentwood settee with a lot of reed caning between my speakers and it does not seem to make a difference in the sound at all as I have tried it both in and out. Recently though my wife placed a group of six sculptures on the seat of the bench and this mucked up the midrange and vocals a bit. Thank god the cats kept knocking them off, so they are now back on top of the bookshelves at the other end of the room without me having to act like a nut:-) If you havn't already, try placing a piece of cloth over the TV screen and see if that makes a difference either good or bad. I do have a painting (on Masonite) above and behind my speakers that I do cover with cloth when listening as the flat reflective surface of the painting boosts the treble to a degree that I do not like. The rest of that wall is books floor to ceiling which seems to be a good sonic surface (the painting is hung over the books). Anyway try it once if you can handle the truth either way it goes.
Ben in my case, removing the TV set increases soundstage depth and detail definition.
Having no other option due to space limitiations my TV is between and behind the speakers (TV is against the wall; speakers are 4' out in the room and 6' apart). For serious listening a blanket is wrapped around the TV to minimize chassis resonance and HF reflections off the screen.
It completely depends on the speakers you have. My Dahlquist pairs (10's and 28's) do NOT like anything between them. (The sound-stage washes out). On the other-hand my Pinnicle's (610's?) could have a Mack truck driven between them and the sound-stage shines through. The NHT's although not as forgiving as the Pinnicle's, allow a TV to be placed between them. (Just don't place a large entertainment cabinet between them).