Two music greats pass from the scene

This past week has seen two music greats leave us: popular singer Rosemary Clooney, and the great jazz bass player Ray Brown. For more info on both, see these links:


Though it's off topic, today we also lost the greatest hitter ever to play the game of baseball, Ted Williams. Condolences to the families, friends, and fans of all these great people.
Can anyone recommend some of "Rosie's" classic work? My frayed old programmer's nerves seem to hush when they hear 40's style torch music. Can't warm up to Jacintha, however. Anyone?
rosemary clooney had quite a few hits in the early to mid 50's."mambo italiano","commana my house"and i think "this old house".very big talent and a very beautiful woman when she was young.i'll miss her too.
jond,you're not off base at all.williams made great music with that bat;nobody made it sing like him.too bad that the "yankees" couldn't rescue him from "beantown",like they did "ruth"he deserved better than to play in that dump.
r.i.p. were a class act.thanks for reminder jond.
I included Rosemary in my post mostly out of respect for her as a person and an artist, even though I am not a big enthusiast for her style of singing. During her prime, however, a lot of people loved Rosie -- I can remember seeing her on the Ed Sullivan show. She was also the mother of Miguel Ferrer, the actor who plays the Chief Medical Examiner on the TV show, "Crossing Jordan", and she was actor George Clooney's aunt.

Ray Brown's passing, however, really feels personal. He is one of my all-time favorite bass players, and everything he ever recorded was classy, tasteful, and swinging. He was one of 3-4 guys who defined the role of the bass as a jazz instrument. I was fortunate to see Ray perform a number of times, and I will very much miss his wonderful work.