Upcoming Neil Young album, Homegrown Vinyl. A must have?

Priced right for sure.
But is it a must have?

I'm a Neil Young fan and I'll probably buy this album. I dislike the idea of the recycled five songs. Paul Simon's album of previously-released, re-imagined songs was a disappointment.
For those who, like myself, consider Harvest his best album, this is a welcome release. Great collaborators, too (Emmylou, Levon and Robbie from The Band, Ben Keith, Tim Drummond). The five songs referred to above are not recycled, they are the original, unreleased versions of songs later re-recorded. It is the re-recorded versions that are recycled.
I will get it for sure, after I taste test it on Qbuzz or Tidal.🎼 ( I hope )
With a title of Homegrown Vinyl you absolutely have to buy it on vinyl not CD....... LOL.

I will of course do the same as Tomic and stream on Qobuz first even though the price seems fair on record.
I am a huge Neil Young fan. But for me, with the exception of Americana, he hasn't been relevant since Greendale. It's been a steady decline since then.


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05-21-2020 9:42pm
I'm waiting for the Pono version.

ROTFLMMFAO !!!!!!  What a fiasco PONO was.
Neil Young has been declining since "Ragged Glory"!
But, I will probably get this one, hoping for a hidden gem.

I will likely give in and get this, since it is period music with Neil at the top of his game.
Being the period press snob that I am, it's breaking protocol. At least the price is reasonable.

This will probably my only "new" purchase this year. I will be hopeful it won't have that punched up bass and indescribable "sheen" that new stuff has to my ears.

Is this going to be on one  of those  ridiculous 1000 gram  dinner plates?

I'm a "Everbody Know's this is Nowhere" and "Harvest" fan. EKTIN by the way has great music, but awful sounding in sections. I've tried 3 copies with no luck yet. 

Where are you getting the LP from, Steve?

I just tonight watched a short video on Dylan's Blonde On Blonde album. Kenny Buttrey, who is the drummer on Neil's Harvest (and is one of my all-time favorite drummers) played on BOB when he was 14 years old!

Just streamed it on Qobuz.
Maybe not an absolute must have but I will be ordering it.
Let us know what you think of the vinyl version Slaw.

@tablejockey, yeah, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere is great musically, but the recorded sound is not very good. The low end is rolled off (no doubt in anticipation of the poor tracking abilities of the arms & cartridges presumably owned by the album’s anticipated audience), the highs pretty soft and veiled. Harvest sounds much better, recorded on mobile equipment in the barn on Neil’s Northern California ranch, inspired by The Band’s brown album.

The musicianship on Harvest is about as good as it gets in Rock ’n’ Roll (far better than that of Crazy Hose on EKTIN): Jack Nitzsche was brilliant, a classically-trained pianist, composer, and orchestrator (he did the string and horn charts for Phil Spector, and lots of soundtracks including that for the Chinatown movie). If you ever see a copy of his 1974 Reprise album St. Giles Cripplegate, buy it! Very sophisticated compositions, 20th Century Classical music for the Pop/Rock audience. Jack produced the 1971 s/t Reprise Records Crazy Horse album, upon which Ry Cooder and Nils Lofgren guest. Real good album.

Harvest drummer Kenny Buttrey is a fantastic musician, his playing on the album absolutely brilliant. Such musicality, such taste! And his drums and cymbals sound great, not true of all superior drummers. Jim Gordon (Derek & The Dominoes, Traffic, Delaney & Bonnie) is another excellent drummer who had great sounding instruments.

Bassist Tim Drummond was in Dylan’s band for quite awhile, and pedal steel guitarist Ben Keith is on a LOT of records.

Reading the posts above..... Makes me wonder why you guys can even like music?
I picked this up on Friday and listened to it last night.
I was blown away by this record!  It's not polished and tight. It reminds me of Tonight's The Night in its loose and free form mood, so it might not be for everyone, but I love that side of Neil, especially in his '70's material.  Ben Keith's slide guitar work is so sweet and the entire album has just a really cool vibe to it.  
I bought mine from a local record shop, and it includes a print of the cover art as a bonus.  There is a Record Store Day Exclusive sticker on the front as well.  The vinyl is very quiet and the SQ is very good.  
I like this one much better than the other "lost" album, Hitchhiker.  
Well, while my copy sounded excellent, it has some scratches. When I went to return it, the only option was a refund. Odd for Amazon.
Ordered the EU version at dbl cost.