Upgrading HT and 2channel stereo

  New to Audiogon’s forum, but seems like a proper place to discuss audio topics, so here goes...

   Will be replacing my 2008 Onkyo TX-NR906 (AVR) and looking for suggestions on components.  Leaning towards separates such as a multichannel amp and AV processor for HT application and an integrated amp to run the front L & R speakers for stereo.  Welcome other configurations, but would like to keep costs for these three separates below 10k.

   Equipment I will be using with new components:

   Speakers-front left, right, and center are Sonus Faber Domus Concerto     
    Rear speakers are Totem Limks
    Sub is a REL R-505

  Existing components that will be retained and used include Oppo BDP-103D; basic Roku box, cable box and a LG OLED C9 TV.  

  Components I’m considering, but not set on include the following:
    AVR:  Anthem MRX1120
     AV pre pro:  Anthem AVR 60, Marantz 8805
    Multi channel amp:  Parasound A51/52/52+; NAD M27; Classé Sigma 5

  integrated amps:  Hegel; Rega Elicit R; Anthem STR

  welcome thoughts on this upgrade project including other brands including ATI, Emotiva, etc.  thanks in advance, Mike
Ironmike, do this! Get the MRX 1120 It has preamp outputs. Connect it to a Parasound Halo A21+ amplifier to drive the Sonus Faber speakers and the internal amps for everything else. You do not need anything else, except I wouldn't mind seeing a second subwoofer. The Athem unit is a great value. It has everything you need in it to set up a killer system at a very reasonable price. There is absolutely no reason to get an integrated amp instead by a killer amp like the Parasound and use the Anthem as the preamplifier. 

Anthem has a very good room correction system that may be something to consider. 
Sorry to disagree with Mijostyn, but there are way better ways of doing this and using the MRX Receiver with a higher quality power amplifier.

The idea of the receiver to power the center and rears is a good one, the area where we would differ, is to use a high quality intergrated amplifier with a home theater bypass function, along with a high quality dac/streamer. 

The reason is simple any surround sound processor does a poor job as a two channel preamplifier/dac. The reason is simple economics, a surround receiver has 5-11 channels of preaplification, 5-11 channels of dacs, Dolby and DTS decoders along with a video switcher, way too much circuity that generates noise is being injected into the music signal.

For this reason a pure two channel integrated will often sound far more dimensional with better resolution than the surround sound receiver even with a good power amplfier. The Parasound A21+ is a good power amplifier and even with the excellent Anthem Receivers, for music a Coda, Hegel, Luxman, Naim, Unison Reseach integrated will offer a far more realistic recreation of  a music event than the other setup.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Dealers for Anthem, Parasound, Coda, Unison, Naim, 
Hi Audio Doc, I often wish you would provide an idea of the pricing for the items that you recommend. Its obvious that there will be better sounding gears as one spends more for their equipment, but by your providing some guestimates of prices it will give the reader some general idea where the items you recommend fall on the affordability/diminishing returns curve which in turn will give some real world help to the reader making a decision.
If what I posted sounds a little snarky its not meant to.  Its just it seems that having no dollar references gives only half the story. 
This dialogue has been extremely beneficial laying out a solid framework from which to proceed.  Given monetary limitation, I may need to rethink whether an integrated amp is within the budget.  I would love to have the ability to pass thru/bypass; hence my desire to purchase an integrated amp for reasons Audio Doc indicated above.  Would relish Coda, Pass Labs, Moon, Etc, but just can’t allocate the $$ for new.  Used?  Welcome any suggestions if I should consider the less boutique makers like Emotiva, ATI or continue to set aside additional funds for a few more months. 
  Thanks all for your assistance.  
ironmike you could do a great system with an Anthem MRX 510 for $1,400.00 and a good high power integrated for $3-5k and you would have a great package.

We have the new Unison Research Unico Due a 120 watt hybrid integrated with a tube front end and a fantastic built in dac for $3,800.00

Your package therefore would be that $5,200.00 for a great amp with a great dac, and a fantastic surround sound receiver. 

Another great integrated is the Musical Fidleity M6si a 225 dual mono power house for $3,000.00


Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ 

Why get the 1120 if you're not going to use the amps? Get the 720 which has the same number of channels minus a few amps and the bigger toroidal power supply for $1000 less. The room correction software works great. I just upgraded from a MRX 300 to the 720 when the sub out on the 300 broke. 
If I were to go with the MRX and integrated amp configuration, would components have HT pass thru/bypass?  Given my speaker’s stats, of the two integrated amps would one be preferred over the other?  
Agree that the 1120 might be overkill, so a 720 is probably a better match, plus it would allow greater flexibility should I add additional speakers in the future.  Not hearing any discussion on Emotiva, ATI, and similar manufacturers, I will remove them from the list of consideration.  Thanks all.  
When I first got my MRX300, I used a 250WPC Parasound 5 channel amp I already owned, was using Vandersteen 2Cs and their CC and surround speakers. When the amp broke, I just powered everything off the Anthem and honestly didn't notice much difference. I use the 720 to power my Salk Supercharged LCRs and the surround and atmos speakers. 
Much better now that you can use ARC with a Mac and not have to connect a PC with a serial cable like with the 300.