Upgrading? Sophia/Dynaudio/Revel/Genesis 6.1 ?

I am looking to upgrade my existing speakers and could use some insight and recommendations. Let me give you the parameters and tell you what I have heard and what I have read. I am looking to spend less than $9k (ideally less than that) but have no issue with buying used gear that is in great condition. Also, my 16 X 20 room is not a dedicated listening room, has hardwood floors, a large area rug, and is acoustically active.

I have listened to the Wilson Sophia (~$8.5K used) and found them to be a solid performer. To my ears they have a mostly flat frequency response except for a slightly laid back upper midrange, and they lacked a wide 3D sound stage making them sound a little two-dimensional. I have heard the Dynaudio Confidence C2 (~$8.5k used) that have a wonderful holographic sound stage but lacked deep bass, have a large bump in the upper base frequencies making them sound boomy and a dip in the midrange making voices sound flat. I have heard the Revel Studio (~$6.5k used), but only in a small room, so I don’t have any strong opinions one way or another. I have read mostly good things about Revel including the Salon but I am concerned that the Ultima line may be aging a bit. I have listened to B & W and Martin Logan’s speakers but they are not my cup of tea. I liked the Thiel CS2.4 but I do not think that they are in the same league as the Sophia. They were very clean but too bright with some music and lacked deep bass. I am very curious as to what the new CS3.7 will sound like and what the pricing will be. I have read some glowing articles about the Genesis 6.1 (6.1or 6.1E). Has anyone heard them and do you have an opinion as to how they compare to what I am looking at? Genesis does not appear to have too many dealers, none in MA or NH that I am aware of, which makes it difficult and I heard they just increased the price from $9.3k to $11.8k! I am also curious as to how possibly the Canton Vento 809 DC or the Vienna Acoustics Mahler stacks up. If there are other speakers you would recommend, keep them mainstream since many, like the Genesis, are hard to find. I look forward to your comments. Thanks.
Try the new B&W diamond series 802D or 801D. Should be within your price limit. Also I would give Audio Physics a try (Avanti or Caldera).
I am looking in the saame price range and besides Sohpia are considering the Krell Resultion 2 if you have a 200 watt plus amp, and the Usher Dancer
Buy a pair of used Confidence C4's. I did, and find them to be just wonderful. There is one used pair on AudiogoN in rosewood for $9200 OBO, I believe.
I would encourage you to include the Wilson Benesch ACT (used) on your short list. I have owned many different speakers over the years and this is one of the best all rounders. You will not get the lowest octave but what is there is extremelly balanced, the speakers stage and disappear with the best of them. They are extremelly coherent and their tonality is excellent. They sound very good at low volume and can play loud. They are an easy load for most amplifiers (not typical low power set or OTL freindly).
Oh...they are also one of the nicest looking and easiest to integrate into a domestic environment.

They fall short of the best I have heard in transparency and dynamics but are still very good in these areas.

In short, given that virtually all speakers represent some forms of compromise the WB's are one of the best sets of compromises I have found.
Check out the Verity speakers, should be a dealer somewhere in the Mass/ New Hamp area.What about Snell from Haverhill? I used to know this part of New England quite well.
The Sophias are truly amazing. It takes time to find the right interconnects and powercords to make them sound their best - sweet high, beautiful mid-range blooms and strong Bass – UNBELIEVABLE!. It took me over a year playing with different powercords. It is amazing how one powercord can make or break the system. I have tried different RCAs and XLRs but found the CAST interconnects performing the best for my all Krell Gears. So I don't think anyone can judge a system performance by quick demo in store or at friend's house. I truly believe you can achieve your satisfaction through carefully selecting and trying various combinations. One thing I found is that what works best on one system is not necessarily works for another system. So hope you keep this in mind!
Recently advertised used stuff that is in the price range and worthy of slobbering over (to me anyway). Vandy 5's, Meadowlark Blue Herron, Dynaudio Confidence 5 (ok, it is well below your price range and not for organ music but I think it is a classic). Great Luck!
Cdj123 - The one thing that I would keep in mind is that the frequency response things that you heard are more likely a product of the room's acoustics than the speaker. Making a freq. response speaker judgement, and then moving the speakers to a different room could completely change things. Just something to keep in mind. When spending this kind of $$$, an in-home audition really is a must. Audition all you can, then when you have a list of 3 or so finalists, go for the in-home audition. You'd be better off buying a 9k speaker that you know sounds good in your room than a 20k speaker that you aren't sure if it works in your room.

Good luck
Thanks everyone for your advice. Do you think Anthem Statement electronics are a good match to the speakers mentioned above, since they will be part of a theater setup? Also, I am still wondering if anyone has listened to the Genesis 6.1s since they appear to be designed to lesson room interaction? Goatwuss – I appreciate your advice on in-home auditions, but I am not sure if a dealer would loan me a $15k pair of speakers (especially with my goal of buying used at half the price). Any suggestions?
An ethical suggestion is to only ask a dealer for an in-home demo if you're serious about buying that piece from that store.

Personally, I try to research the potential immediate resale on something used should I not like it. A little tougher once you start climbing into the $5,000-$10,000 range, but if it's a popular piece (like the Sophia or Salon) you can play around a little bit on your dime and not feel guilty.
I love my Mahler speakers. I have listened to a lot, but I end up enjoying the Mahlers more. Certainly worth a listen..

(I am driving them with a Mcintosh MC-402 and a Mcintosh MX-119 pre/pro)