"Use your mentality" is the worst lyric ever.

Just saying.
Wait, wait. Hold on there. What about, “Told me love was too plebeian, told me you were through with me and........”

Can’t wait to see what other gems we come up with!
For some reason I always hated the BTO "Takin' Care of Business" lyric - 
If it were easy as fishin' you could be a musician
"...'til the axis of pain & pleasure sheared the arc of desire...."

Love Steely Dan but this line from West of Hollywood on Two Against Nature always seems glaringly contrived to me.  Even the way Fagen sings it is rushed and uncomfortable like he can't get past the words fast enough.   
anything that uses "love" to rhyme with "heaven above".  there's plenty of that everywhere. uggghhhh.