Using two Luxman integrated amplifiers together

I've never done this and don't know if it even makes sense or not but I thought the members could share some insight.

I have two Luxman amplifiers: a 550 axII,class A , 20 watts and the LX-380 integrated tube amp 18 watts. 

These can be used as separates so if I used the LX-380 as a preamp and the 550 as an amp would there be any sonic improvement? Or any other benefit/downside? Or would I just be wasting electricity?

I'm rotating the following speakers: Harbeth 30.2XD, Dynaudio Heritage Special and Devore Super Nines.



I think you should do this all as a personal experiment because I'm pretty sure you'd learn more than anyone here.

There aren't really downsides, but I do find the SS preamp stage in Luxman integrated amps to be excellent performers, so I'd be curious to know how you compare the two preamps driving the same amplifier.  What might also be fun is if you had speakers to biamp as well.



I don't see a problem, plus you could try it both ways (SS pre/tube power - tube pre/SS power).

When using the tube preamp section be certain to turn the tube amp on first before turning the SS amp on (reverse this when powering down the units).

The combo's should not waste much, if any, energy VS using them as stand alone units as you will only be using the power amp section of one unit @ a time.



As the others say try it you own both components so nothing to lose. Curios myself which combo will sound best.

May I ask how does the Harbeth M30.2 XD compare to the Dynaudio Heritage Special? Which one do you like better? I would expect the Heritage Specials to have better bass and dynamics than the 30.2 XD but which one has a higher involvement factor with better refinement and detail?

Harbeth is one of the best with human voice reproduction. Are the Dynaudio HS capable of matching the Harbeth in this area?


im trying to find the time to do a comparison between the two amps and the two speakers but I’m working too much.

actually the Harbeth sounds the best to me paired with a  musical fidelity 6si amp I have but the Luxmans tone controls let me tweek the sound to my taste. The Harbeth may be a little brighter and with some songs I prefer the Harbeth over the Dynaudio. There’s just something special about the DynaudioHS that lets me just enjoy the music though. 
Initial impression is that I don’t notice a difference with the two amps together vs separately. But it’s kind of fun to explore.


Finishing up a long week, relaxing, listening to Ice Cream Man by Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters via Qobuz on the Dynaudio HS's  and it's like "damn that sounds nice".