Video question: 55" TV recommendations (details within)?

I am moving into a larger home, and intend to step up to a 55" TV. All recommendations welcome, but please note the following:

The TV will be used primarily for cinema, and especially DVDs. I will not be "gaming". I expect that I will begin to stream some films, but I typically use a high-quality DVD player. I don't care about audio except for connections to my stereo system. 

I have done some basic research, but would appreciate feedback from those with more TV experience. I don't expect that I would be at great risk to burn-in issues with OLED, but admit that it makes me a bit uncomfortable. I definitely do not need the latest and greatest, and would be happy to take advantage of deals in really good 2018/19 models.

Thanks in advance!
I worked at Magnolia for a bit and got good exposure to all their TVs, and I’d hands down pick one of the Sony LCD models.  To me they have the best picture at a good price, and during my time at the store we saw a lot of Samsungs and LGs come back through the door but not one Sony.  Along with picture quality, not having to haul a big-screen TV back to where I bought it are the two most important features I look for in a TV.  I subscribe to Consumer Reports, and Sony is the only one who gets a green dot for reliability while Samsung and LG get yellow dots, which concurs with my personal experience at Magnolia.  I’d also skip the extended warranty as you probably won’t need it with the Sony, and if anything goes wrong it usually happens within the first year so will be covered under warranty.  Just my opinion. 

As as far as models, OLED may be a little better (I’d recommend LG over Sony if you go the OLED route), but the better backlit LCDs have gotten good enough that I’m not sure it’s worth the significant price differential unless you frequently have people seated well off to the side of the TV.  I think the Sony 900 series is the sweet spot in the lineup in terms of price/performance, but if it’s in your budget I’d get the 950 as it is a little better.  Also, make sure 55” is big enough.  That’s what I have and frankly I wish I’d gotten a 65” as it’s a more involving experience.  I’ve never heard anyone say they wish they got a smaller TV but have heard the opposite a lot.  Hope this helps, and best of luck. 
Inorganic Pixel tech (Nano) is ramping up!
Consider a Sony OLED powerful processing.
Don’t be overly concerned with burn in.
And QLED blacks are not so bad! Bloom as well.
+1 on 65" Screen. I you have the space for it.
No trouble with my 4K QLED more than a year on.
The Tizen OS is a little rough though.
2019 / 2020 may have improved.
Also BluRay and UHD would be more suitable with a 4-8K display.
Maybe look for an OPPO at a decent price.

Agree with soix about the Sony's. Here's a great website for TV info.

Also, the Sony reliability soix speaks of makes sense as this is a comment from the RTINGS website, "Sony places a higher priority on quality and picture accuracy when compared to other manufacturers."

My son just got the Sony XBR55X950G and it looks great.

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I have recently been out to different stores just to check out what's available now today.  I will say that I did not like any of the new flat panel televisions.  The new LED or OLED technology just does not look at natural as plasma or older LCD.  Granted, you get pictures that have extraordinarily bold colors and color saturation, but the image just looks artificial.  If I had to pick, Sony has the best and most natural LED/OLED televisions today.  Second would be Vizio.  LG and Samsung look so artificial that it's almost like watching a cartoon.   So if you had to buy something new, I would go with Sony.
Thank you all for your responses!

It is, in a way, pleasing that Sony is a consensus choice. I say that because before I moved out of the U.S., I had the last of the flagship Sony XBR CRT TV. It was a monster in terms of weight, but the picture was, to my eyes, better than any of the early flat-screen TVs. I owned it for years.

Again, thanks!
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Thanks tvad.

It was an outstanding television, and had I not moved abroad, I expect that I would probably still be using it! I do remember the P-i-P feature. I didn't use it much, but it was wild.

Depends on whether budget constraints are an option. The older generation LG OLED screens are an absolute bargain and generations ahead of previous LED and DLP (remember those?) TVs
Agreed. Reviews I've read say save the money and buy last years LG OLED TVs as this years are not really any better.

If you can wait a bit, either Vizio or TLC are coming out with some OLED TVs which, like Sony, have the main parts made by LG. They should be great price beaters but time will tell.

Another advantage to a newer model is if you're seriously into movie watching, newer processors are needed to fully appreciate the newer standards (HDR, Dolby Vision, etc.). The same goes for anyone in the market for a newer Blu Ray player. Not all have the newest features yet.

All the best,
Lg with the new W9 chip.It's expensive but once setup looks fabulous.The Wallpaper edition has a W9 but is over the top in cost
In my case I went with the Samsung Q90R 65" the reason is my room is well lit. I had a plasma tv, it did not workout well.
So be sure to consider the lighting in your room before going Oled or lcd
After tweaking,  the Samsung looked pretty darn good.
For an LCD side viewing angles are awesome.
Depending on how far you sit from your tv I would consider a 65".
Good luck!
@auxinput, most retailers demonstrate TV's in demo mode. This mode blows the output way out of proportion. Even if you can change the settings, the viewing environment is typically rather poor.