Vinyl lovers, I need help

Abertporter, anyone that has extensive experience with records. I've just bought close to 1000 records, most are 45's and are imaculate. Everything from Frank Sinatre to Andy Williams. Too many to mention. What I need is for someone to let me know just what I have here. I bought these at an estate sale.
how about posting a partial list of the excellent condition ones, that you think may be rare, or you never heard of, or think may be worth something.. Then we could look at the list, and let you know if we see anything that is obviously a rare valuable item. A couple of things right off the bat would be Elvis 45's on the Sun Label. Or Elvis 78's. Beatles Second album with the Butcher cover. David Bowie "Man of Words, Man of Music". David Bowie album with the drag(dress) cover. Great Lost Kinks Album. 13th Floor Elevators "Easter Everywhere". All MFSL albums, and any 1/2 Speed masters. All UHQR's. Early Miles Davis, and other Jazz on Prestige label, and Blue Note, and Riverside, and Bethlehem labels. Mercury Living Presence Stereo, and RCA "Shaded Dog" Stereo Classical LP's. Any 180 gram vinyl.

Those are a few. Condition is everything, including the cover.
Quite a long time ago I bought a pretty good book on record collecting. It had a very extensive list and values (including labels and most variations). It's completely outdated now (If I remember right a Pink Floyd UHQR was worth $65--I want to buy it from that guy!) and would be close to worthless--I even questened how accurate the values were when I bought it, as I knew some were off. But for a situation like yours a book like this would probably be worth it and a good starting point to get you in the ballpark--if there's something even remotely close to being current. Perhaps someone knows of such a book.
I just bought a book ($17 at Border Books)that has everything I tried to look up (about 100 LPs) except in 2 or 3 instances. Its "Goldmine: Record Album Price Guide".
I'm going through them now and trying to seperate them and get some kind of order to this madness. 60% of them are 78s from way back. They are in books like photo albums, 10 to 20 in each album. They are in pristine condition. Just to name a few:
Bing Croby ( decca)
Dinah Shore (Victor records also Bluebird record)
Frankie Carle (columbia)
Tommy Dorsey & Orcestra (Victor label)
Jimmy Dorsey (Decca)
Freddy Martin & Orchestra (Bluebird label)
Dick Haymes (Decca)
Frank Sintra (Colunbia and Bluebird)
Jo Stafford (Capital)
Charlie Spivak (Victor)
Harry James ( the labels will all be the before mentioned unless otherwise stated)
Perry Como
Fred Waring
Carmen Cavallaro
The Three Suns (majestic Label)
Glenn Miller
Wayne King
Spike Jones
Phil Harris (ARA Label)
Tommy Tucker
Dusty Fletcher(national NRC records)
Hazel Scott
Kay Kyser
Ella Fitzgerald & ink spots
Dick Leibert
Eddy Duchin
Tex Beneke
Freddy Martin
Artie Shaw
Sammy Kaye
Ethel Smith
Les Brown
Benny Goodman

Now I'm 40 yrs old and I only recognize about4 or 5 of these. The 78s are 4 or 6 singles in one binder. Must be the way they did it then. Some still have there price tags. A whole .75 cents for a set. These are not all of the 78s, just the ones I've had time to go through. Then I'll start on the 33s.Fun Fun!