Vinyl Storage Suggestions

I'm just getting into vinyl, and am trying to find some storage options that fit well within a modern/contemporary space. My components will be in a gloss black Solidsteel HF-3, and I'd like to find something that would sit well next to them and not cheapen the aesthetic. Anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks!
Ikea Kallax- I have 4 Kallax units. They are perfect to store LPs, with a slight mod- since they are open back, I placed firing strips at the back edge
Yeah, it was a good ten/fifteen yeas ago, but sorry to report I remember my Ikea shelving eventually getting wobbly and then collapsing under the weight of the LPs. Now I have teak shelving. So far, so good.
 The IKEA Kallax shelf system is awesome for vinyl storage each cube holds about 100 records and they come in single or double or four wide, I use 1 double laid sideways and a single on top which gives me 4 wide and 3 down total of 12 cubes of record storage and they come in different colors. Very sturdy but needs to be in a very dry environment (water is bad) other than that highly recommended by me who has used them now for 5 years!

Make storage bins similar to a record store. Nothing better than being able to flip through the albums.
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Noromance, a long time ago I use to keep my records that way. Unfortunately, it is not the best use of space and it does not keep the records under even pressure.
The classic is the good old orange crate which I kept my records in for years while I was bouncing around the country. 
I prefer to make my own record shelves but I am sure there are hundreds of record storage solutions out there. It is what google is for. 
Not the cheapest or necessarily the prettiest, but very solid and well made.  I don't own any but have seen them at a record store in Olympia WA (where they are made).