Von Schweikert synergy

I'm interested in hearing what Von Schweirkert users have found to be very good amps with their speakers. When I think of good synergy, I think of B&W and Classe, Audio Physic and Musical Fidelity, JM Labs and YBA, Kharma and Tenor. Are there any good synergystic matches for Von Schweirkerts?
Another vote for 4JRs with JC1s here...now if only they didn't run so hot (even in low bias)!!
I have VS 5 HSE's and use a Krell 300cx power amp and love the combo. Makes the VS 5's sing, huge soundstage and the best bass you can get out of them.

I found the BAT and Von schwiekert JR's made for a synergistic combination at the montreal audio show. The fact that they were chosen to be shown together says something as well.