Von Schweikert synergy

I'm interested in hearing what Von Schweirkert users have found to be very good amps with their speakers. When I think of good synergy, I think of B&W and Classe, Audio Physic and Musical Fidelity, JM Labs and YBA, Kharma and Tenor. Are there any good synergystic matches for Von Schweirkerts?
I have the VR-4jr,I previosly owned the VR-2.The 2 was much more forgiving and sounded good with every amp I tried(Sonic Frontiers SFM 75 and 160 Monos,Odyssey Stratos Extreme,Hafler XL-600,VTL Stereo 75,and more). The 4jr are fussier and seem to demand high power solid state amps for a deep,tight,and musical bass presentation.I'm currently using a 300 wpc prototype amp manufactured by Consonance.It's the best I have tried.Bi amping is also something I'm considerng.The best Von Schweikert sound I've heard is the Db-99 speaker with Consonance Cyber 211 Monos.

Hifidreams, have you tried any other amplifiers with the VR-1, or did it just happen to match when you put the two together? I am using Musical Fidelity, but am wondering if I'm missing out on another great combination.
I'm in between speakers now, but I'm really enjoying the Ayre V-5X / VR-1 combination. Has really exceeded my expectations!
I also tried them with a Linn Classik, Rega Mira 3, and a Jolida 1501. Of those, the Jolida was the best fit. But not as good as the Unison.
VAC amps (especially the Phi Beta Integrated ($$$$)- Kevin and Albert often exhibit thier products together at shows with great synergy and sound.

Parasound Halo JC-1's with VR-4's.

Like peanut butter and jelly, ebony and ivory, surf and turf...

You get the idea.

I use a McIntosh MA 6900 integrated amp with my VR4JR's. Very good synergy here. I also used this amp with the VR2's and it was great. I recommend strong amplification whether solid state or tube. High quality amplification will be rewarded by these speakers.
Another vote for 4JRs with JC1s here...now if only they didn't run so hot (even in low bias)!!
I have VS 5 HSE's and use a Krell 300cx power amp and love the combo. Makes the VS 5's sing, huge soundstage and the best bass you can get out of them.

I found the BAT and Von schwiekert JR's made for a synergistic combination at the montreal audio show. The fact that they were chosen to be shown together says something as well.
"The fact that they were chosen to be shown together says something as well."

What? That the dealer is the only VSA dealer in Canada and one of only 5 BAT dealers in Canada? Makes perfect marketing sense. Doesn't mean it's perfect synergy, but I will admit they sounded good. I forgot what the amp was, but the pre was the 31SE and a D5 (can't remember if SE or not) as source.


I don't understand why your jc1's run so hot in low bias???
Mine are just warm to the touch, I can hold both hands on the heat sinks with no problems.
Are yours in a cabinet or out in the open?

Now high bias is another matter entirely.
Mine are out in the open. It's really strange since I've heard that they should run ok temps when on low bias, but for the upcoming months it's going to make life quite uncomfortable without blasting the air conditioning 24/7.
I use a Plinius 9100 integrated with VR-2's and it's a great combo - big, articulate sound, great bass slam and smooth detail.
I use Consonance 211's with the DB-99's. Very good synergy. Albert uses them with the 99's in the shop among others.
For my VR-9s, the DarTZeel NH-108s are an absolutely magical match. I've never heard music reproduced as cleanly, transparently, and (most important) musically. The amps are only 100 wpc, but they have NO problem driving the 96-dB VR-9s to ear-splitting levels in my room. Several 'Goners have this combination, and they're over the moon about it. Maybe some will comment here.
I would say that VSA speakers are like chameleons. They match well with most electronics, and are so neutral that they sound different with whatever they're matched with. I've heard the VR1s, VR2s and VR4jrs with Pass Alephs, Brystons, and Manleys. The VR4srs with Mark Levinsons and BATs. The VR4hses with Mark Levinsons and Krells. All sounded different, all sounded good.
VonSchweikert speakers (I can speak for VR-4jr and SR only, assuming that the higher models can only be better) will sound very well with any quality amplification; the better amplifier the better sound with a source quality probably being at least as important as amplifier. You are likely to hear colorations coming from the electronics rather than from speakers themselves. I know it sounds like a heresy but that's my opinion based on my ears, different amplifier-speaker combinations tried (Accuphase was my final choice) and many hours of concentrated listening. For me the Accuphase and Von Schweikert speakers is a dream match and now I can devote myself entirely to the music... Happy and relaxed listening.
I am enjoying the MUSIC finally.
Years ago, VSA were voiced with Spectron Musician II, then Musician III and for last few weks Musician III Signature Edition - it should tell you somethin'
I've owned a few model Von Schweikerts (VR3/4 iterations), even newer (VR2, 4jr), think the VR3's sound better, overall, then the new stuff, fwiw.. With them I've ran the PS Audio HCA-2 and Spectron Musician II/II to FANTASTIC RESULTS. They love fast/nimble/powerful/energetic/smooth/rich/detailed/ambiant digital amps. Maybe I should say, I love that sound and the VR's offer up the GOOD digital amps sound in spades (didn't like the crummy Panasonic digital receiver x55 or something like that, and the Bel Cantos digital where zzzzzzz to me, the Nu Force where also thin and edgy in my short time with them).

Albert used the PS Audio and Spectron stuff at shows to demo his gear and to voice them...hard to argue against that! I've used countless dozens of amps, but the digital stuff rocks my world with the dynamic, bass heavy, and all around esoteric music I listen to. I'm trying the new PS audio ICE amps now, and going to build a Hypex next, on good word from ears I trust that they are even better then the PS Audio and Spectrons! I don't think I'll bother with anything short of the JC-1's in solid state land with my VR3's or the VR4genIIISE's, and nothing short of a near 5 figure tube amp will make me leave the digital realm, especially given the value of digital amps!
I use a Supratek Preamp and Sim audio W8 with VR4jr, sound is just incredible, can't imagine things getting any better, until I get my VR5SE of course. Hehehehe. I have tried various amps/pre combos and I find high power stuff sounds best, with tubes in the mix somewhere, or else you are not hearing the full potential of these speakers IME. The Sim Audio W8 is so refined and powerfull, it just makes everything so effortless, the clarity and ultimate transparency is quite uncanny. Yet it still retains all the musicality I could ever want.

good listening
I'm using recapped Kenwood Supreme 700m and 700c from the mid-70s to power my VR4 HSE gen iiis. Could not be happier.
Just to throw my .02 in here, I found that the DK Designs Reference MKII works extremely well with the VR4JRs. I believe that they paired this amp with the VR4JRs for some trade shows. I brought this amp into a number of shops to listen to various speakers in the same price range and I must say that the match was probably the best that I heard with that particular amp.
Can someone point me to any info on VSA using Spectron to voice their speakers?
There is a great synergy with my VAC Phi 300.1 and VR-7SE's. Even with under 150 hours on the speakers, the sound is remarkable. Also, as has been mentioned above, Albert and Kevin have shown very successfully together, as both realize there is a real synergy between their products.
like Saxman I have the db99 and use an Almarro 318B a SET design....other VSA designs are not as efficient and have different amp requirements...I'd call Von Schweikert to make sure what they recommend...they are helpful and nice people, especially Albert V.