Wadia 121 Dedoding Computer?

Any users of this new DAC that can share their experiences? for 1,299usd it lsurely looks intereting.
I just thought I would write a few preliminary observations about the 121. I just received it today and it is working and sounding great. I also have a Rega Apollo. The Wadia appears to be better sounding across the board. It is very quiet, transparent, smooth and musical. I wasn't sure if I was going to go with a music server, but now I know I am. I encourage people to give it a listen. BTW I have it hooked up by USB running j river, set up as suggested on the computer audiophile. I did try coax, but prefer the USB input. I will likely try coax again after I have put some time on the Wadia.
I heard the Wadia 121 last night at my local dealers computer audio presentation. All of the equipment was high end except for the DAC's (Rockport Miras, Electrocompaniet Nemo amps, Electro pre, and top of the line Transparent cableing all around.) The shop is also an Arcam dealer so they A/B'd it continuosly with the Arcam D33 ($3200) DAC. They were using a Mac mini with USB, Amarra software and an Ipad. We listened to ripped CD tracks, Hi Res downloads from HD Tracks and some MP3's (no streaming files which I realy wanted to hear!). Even though the Wadia was not yet burned in, most, including myself, thought it was easily as good as the burned in Arcam. Even the MP3's sounded good!

I was very impressed as were all of the people who were in attendance. I'm definately considereing this!
Interested as well, but would like to view the headphone's amp specifications - which I've yet to locate anywhere on the net so far, nor gotten a response back from Wadia yet. Hard to believe that info isn't readily available compared to most (if not all) headphone/DAC mfrs.

I have Senn's 650 and AKG's 702, and periodically like to play them louder with certain material. The 650's are fairly easy to drive, but the 702's 62 ohms and slight inefficiency, are more demanding.

Anyone know of any specs for the 121's amp section?
How are the forum users getting on with the Wadia 121? I'm interested in it but the comments about customer service from this company are give cause for pause.
I had a 121 for a week. It had good sound quality but I didn't keep it long enough to go into detail, but detail was a strong suit. I bought it to use as an external DAC to use with my aging Arcam CD33 player. The problem was the DAC's relays clicked loudly once per second any time I paused the player, clicked loudly a few times at the beginning of each song, and had momentary dropouts about every sixth song. It also cut off the first few notes of a song frequently. No good. Might have been great with another source but that's beside the point for me. Know how great it is when your mate loves a new component? How 'bout when she walks buy and says "what's that damn clicking?" Also, the blue lights are way too bright-light up the whole room at night and there's no power switch.

Wadia service? Sorry to say it might be good but if it is they are very slow. I called once and after no response in 24 hours I called again. A really nice and concerned guy answered and said he would talk to engineering and get back to me. It has been over two weeks and no response. I know there are fans out there like that dealer in Seattle but they failed to win me over.

Meanwhile, the online dealer that sells music directly has been extremely helpful. The Wadia went back, a new Rega DAC from them got plugged in last night, and it works perfectly and sounds better than the Arcam CD player. No clicking. No bright lights.

Why didn't I buy the Wadia local? I tried. I called the dealer to inquire about one but he said they sounded clinical even though he's never heard one. Been down that road before with that guy.
late response, but in case anyone cares, note that the LED lights can be dimmed and turned off via the remote. also, I haven't had the clicking problem noted above.