Well built, aesthetically pleasing wooden cabinets

Over the last few decades, what speaker brands / models have you seen that have  the best built cabinets?  

1.  Take into consideration veneer over MDF / HDF / other faux material.

2.  Real wood - solid wood, birch plywood etc.

3.  Overall craftsmanship.

4.  Design Concept.

The nicest I have seen are the older (1990's) Sonus Faber with the leather accents (don't remember the model) and the Guarneri Homage.

Enjoy the music


I have a pair of Sonus Faber Concerto circa 2000 and they are beautiful.    Solid walnut with leather.   They sound great too

My Dad just picked up a pair of Sonus Faber Electa Amato IIi and they are incredible. Solid walnut walnut and marble.    True heirloom build quality.  

Franco serblin’s speakers,made under his name in a new company,after he sold Sonus Faber. There are 4 models,lignea,accordo,accordo essence and ktema,all made out of the solid wood,all beautiful sounding and looking.chek them out...writing from a phone,sorry for the way my post looks like

I like my Audio Note cabinets birch ply and very high quality veneer. I have a thing for rectangular boxes however may not be to everyones taste. 😝

I no longer own these, but the Acoustic Zen Crescendo Mark 2 were more like beautiful furniture than any other speaker I've had.  I would think the quality of the cabinets would complete favorably with any speaker that prizes the wood finish.

Dynaudio Sapphire- I’ve used these for the last 15 years and they still deliver an amazing presentation 

My B/W 804D3 are amazing, a work of art. Nice YouTube video about how 800 series is made. Nice as they are, I'm planning to upgrade to 803D4 at some point.