What are you using for ripping CDs? What media player do you use?

I want to get away from itunes, I can't stand it anymore.  Can someone direct me to a webpage or link a discussion that would help me decide on a format as well?  Thank you.
What worked for me was to acquire a good knowledge base by discovering the latest trends in digital audio components and setup, from the Computer Audiophile website: http://www.computeraudiophile.com/

You have many options for setup, and the site may help you to figure out your best options, and the best equipment to integrate with your budget. I did my homework there, and then came back to Audiogon for additional opinions.

You can check out my system for my solution, but keep in mind it's only my solution and is not for everyone.

Just a thought.
I despise Itunes in most every way.

I Rip with dbpoweramp.

I use older Logitech Squeeze System (server software, SBTouch, SB Radio) and newer Plex (server software, Plex apps to stream on PCs, Amazon Fire, Iphones and tablets).

Eventually I will phase out older Logitech system and leverage Plex further while keeping an eye out for other new product solutions and what they offer as they come out.

Logitech still works well and is reliable but the product line has been on life support for several years now and will only become more problematic over time.

I also use Picard to help with efficient supplemental autotagging of after-rip files.

Also learning to use Audacity to master digital files I convert from vinyl.   A layman can  learn a lot about digital audio using that tool.
I use XLD on the Mac.  I still use Itunes for playback.  It is not bad when you use networking (async USB, WiFi, Ethernet).  I created playlists for each genre ("When Genre contains Jazz" - for instance).  It makes it much easier to use - all icons appear on one screen - instead of endless scrolling.  I have separate playlist for each genre and one for "All".  

Ripping with Itunes is OK for CDs that are not scratched, but I use only one procedure (XLD) for both.
A nice feature of Plex with Plexpass is that it supports selection by mood with dozens and dozens of moods available. Sometimes a better way to choose what one wants to hear than genre.  
XLD on the Mac, dbpoweramp in Windows. 

Best advice is Kenny's "What worked for me was to acquire a good knowledge base by discovering the latest trends in digital audio components and setup, from the Computer Audiophile website: http://www.computeraudiophile.com/" Cheers,
I use DB Power Amp very versatile and can convert almost any type ofmudic 
Apple to wav,ape to  flac and many others for $38 well worth it.
For music player server the Aurender 100H. multi award winning player.
Check it out 2T internal HD, and a class leading 120 Gigabyte SS buffer.

also try Audio Stream for a ton of information and lots of products from cheep to expensive are reviewed


I hate most music software. I hate MediaMonkey much less than most.

I'm having some weird wireless network issues, so I rip on MM, copy to USB drive and walk it over to my Linux PC which is running Logitech Media Server and Squeezelite. That hooks up to my dac in my living room, and I have a small system in the bedroom with my own DIY speakers and have a 20 watt amp in the mail from Parts-Express. :) It will be glorious.
I looked at the web site of Exact audio copy - they specifically state this does not rip dvd audio
I rip to uncompressed FLAC directly from the built in disc drive in my Antipodes DX; insert the CD and everything from there is automatic.

Prior to that, like many others, I was using dBpoweramp for ripping. I still use it to convert audio file formats.