What happened to the "What do you consider Rap and Hip Hop masterpieces?" thread?

I’d consider myself a hip hop fanatic. Really curious what albums/artists people are fans of?

My desert island artist would be a tough choice between de la soul and a tribe called quest. And all their albums are masterpieces, but if I had to pick one I’d go with the low end theory.

Ok, I see now the problem: https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/why-were-291-responses-removed-about-rap?page=7

NOTE: I can't edit the title, but please let's just share music we love, and not get into other digressions.
Okay I will start.  It's almost like taboo.

Theweeknd,  when I listen I probably play a few songs over and over. 
Tones and I 

I need to look at my tidal list, but I have quite a few. Past year or 2 I've gotten into it.  

Some from the past
Salt and pepper 
Will Smith
Dr Dre
Lots of different artist.  
Recently found by mistake Tom McDonald, mature audience only.  I like his story and message.  
If I like the beat I listened, doesn't matter who it is. If it moves me, I'm all ears. 
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Inevitably, each thread on rap or hiphop devolves into racist and bigoted generalizations about the genre and its artists and listeners, and thus Agon removes them when the ankle biting draws too much blood.

However, before they're removed, there are some nuggets of musical gold to be examined:
Meshell NdegeocelloPharoahe MonchDominique Fils-AimeLil Uzi VertKendrick LamarMac Miller

One could argue thst Audiogon removing these threads just substantiates the haters' wish to see mention of the genre excised.

Some old school
Doggystyle / Snoop Dog
The Predator/ Ice Cube
Dr Dre debut
Westside Connection debut