What have YOU got?

I am curious to know what the general AudioGon population has for equipment, so let's hear it! Any female audiophiles out there? Let us know...
Martin Logan Requests, BAT VK30 with NOS, Rotel 1090 Amp, Monster 2.4 BiWire, Alpha Core Sapphire XLR, Monster Sigma x 3, Kimber Digital and other Interconnects, Pioneer CDR99 with Audio Alchemy DDE 3.0, DTI Pro 32 and PS2, CJ DR1 and Tube Dac, SOTA Star Sapphire/MMT/Blue Point Special, Lehmann Black Cube, Kenwood Audio Purist Analog Tuner, Monster HST 3500, Assorted power cables
Audio Refinement Complete Intergrated Amp Rega Planet cd player Soliloquy 5.0 speakers Atacama 24 SE speaker stands (lead shot) Audioquest Ruby interconnects
This is definitely a work in process. Speakers: Meadowlark Kestrel Hot Rods. Cables: Hovland NineLines. Power Amp: Rotel RA-1090. Preamp: Rotel RC-995(?). Record player: Old Denon direct drive w/ new Sumiko cartridge (doesn't get much use due to my record collection). CD: junky H/K 8350 5-disc carousel [what should i do with this? my fiancee likes a 5 disc changer, and we just got this last year (before new stereo) -- should i get a new DAC? wait for new format? junk the player altogether?] Any tips on improvements would be appreciated.
Wadia 830 running thru Analysis Plus Silver Oval into Warner Imaging VTE 600e amp, then Analysis Plus Oval 9's(double runs) into Vandersteen 3A Signatures. Powersnakes Mamba cord.I'm in heaven. Next is the REL Storm sub.
Dunlavy SCIV, Pass Aleph 2 monos, Wadia 860x CD, Harmonic Technology Cables, PS audio P300, Powersnakes King Cobra Power Cord (Wadia) The King Cobra for me was the biggest improvment of all.