What have YOU got?

I am curious to know what the general AudioGon population has for equipment, so let's hear it! Any female audiophiles out there? Let us know...
Amp - Bryston 4B-ST Pre - Bryston BP25 Source - NAD C540 cdp Speakers - Maggies 1.5QR Cables - MIT interconnects & Analysis-Plus 12 biwire speaker cable on the way
Source:Pioneer DVL700; Parasound DAC1000; Audio Alchemy DTI PRO; Yamaha DDP-2 DD decoder AMPS: (main)Hafler 9270, center(bi-amp)Hafler 9230, rear Hafler 9180. Pre-amp: DSP-E492. Speakers: (main) Snell CV, (center) Snell KIIV, (rears) Snell KIIV; Velodyne VA-810 subwoofer. Cables: AQ Quartz throughout IC's, AQ Cobalt speaker cable. Sorbothane big feet and Mod Squad tip toes for isolation. Power conditioner/surge protector are 2 Panamax MAX1000+. I will be moving soon into a home where I will probably end up splitting this one system in to two - dedicated video and audio only. I know where I'm lacking but don't have the $$$ to get there yet!
I gurantee that there are no female "audiophiles" out there, that aren't either married to, or dating a guy, that got them "started".
I love Theta Digital! I have a Pro Basic IIIA and two TLCs in my car. A Progeny A and Cobalt A in the house. Speakers by Apogee and Dynaudio. 75 ohm digital cables by DH Labs with BNC connectors. Interconnects by Cardas and Kimber.
Bjack70jr, how do you like the DH-Labs digital cable? I am looking to purchase one but wanted several honest opinions first.
My system is pretty simple, but it does the job. I have a CAL Audio DX-2 CD player, Golden Tube SEP-2 preamp and GT SE-100 power amp which I just bought, wired with a pair of Cardas Quadlink 5c to a pair of Hales Rev 2s. Like I said, I just bought the amp and recently moved and am trying to assess the system right now, but I really do enjoy it, which is really what this is about. Audiogon has been a great asset in trying to do all of this...
B&K ST 1400 II amp

B&K PT3 pre-amp

CAL DX-2 CD Player

PSB Stratus Bronze speakers

Tara Labs Prism Bi-wire speaker wire

Tara Labs Prism 33i interconnect

Transparent The One interconnect

Total cost: about $2500, and I love it!

This system is still pretty new to me (it's my first "high end" set up). There's some odd/missing pieces and it's still a work in progress (aren't they all, though?): McCormack DNA-1 (Revision B upgrade) amp Sonic Frontier Line 1 pre-amp CAL Alpha/Delta DAC and transport Hales Revelation 3 speakers NBS Stingher ICs and AQ Type 4+ cables (soon to be upgraded)
Sumo Nine Plus power amp Sumo Axiom CD-transport Sony DVP-S530 DVD Proceed PDP DAC Rotel RC970BX Pre-amp TDL RTL2 SE Loudspeakers Kimber Kable Digital X Kimber Kable Hero's Kimber Kable PBJ's Kimber Kable 4VS
speakers- aerial 10t's(no stands braced from basement) source- wadia 850 direct amp- krell-fpb-200 power cords- 2 essence cords interconnect- harmonic technology pro-silway II speaker cable- harmonic technology pro-9 internal biwire accessories- black diamond (pits and cones) very comfortable listening chair
Oracle Delphi IV/SME345/Grado Reference, YBA CD Integre, Audio Research SP14 (got a SP9 for sale BTW), (2) Classe Audio DR8 amps running bridged, Martin Logan ReQuest. Japanese tuner and tape deck, wires (that in my view aren't tha big a deal and worth listing)...
Martin Logan Requests, BAT VK30 with NOS, Rotel 1090 Amp, Monster 2.4 BiWire, Alpha Core Sapphire XLR, Monster Sigma x 3, Kimber Digital and other Interconnects, Pioneer CDR99 with Audio Alchemy DDE 3.0, DTI Pro 32 and PS2, CJ DR1 and Tube Dac, SOTA Star Sapphire/MMT/Blue Point Special, Lehmann Black Cube, Kenwood Audio Purist Analog Tuner, Monster HST 3500, Assorted power cables
Audio Refinement Complete Intergrated Amp Rega Planet cd player Soliloquy 5.0 speakers Atacama 24 SE speaker stands (lead shot) Audioquest Ruby interconnects
This is definitely a work in process. Speakers: Meadowlark Kestrel Hot Rods. Cables: Hovland NineLines. Power Amp: Rotel RA-1090. Preamp: Rotel RC-995(?). Record player: Old Denon direct drive w/ new Sumiko cartridge (doesn't get much use due to my record collection). CD: junky H/K 8350 5-disc carousel [what should i do with this? my fiancee likes a 5 disc changer, and we just got this last year (before new stereo) -- should i get a new DAC? wait for new format? junk the player altogether?] Any tips on improvements would be appreciated.
Wadia 830 running thru Analysis Plus Silver Oval into Warner Imaging VTE 600e amp, then Analysis Plus Oval 9's(double runs) into Vandersteen 3A Signatures. Powersnakes Mamba cord.I'm in heaven. Next is the REL Storm sub.
Dunlavy SCIV, Pass Aleph 2 monos, Wadia 860x CD, Harmonic Technology Cables, PS audio P300, Powersnakes King Cobra Power Cord (Wadia) The King Cobra for me was the biggest improvment of all.
Audio: Melos MAT-180 amp, Melos Maestro preamp, North Creek Rhythm speakers, PS Audio Ultralink II DAC, Cal Delta Transport, Distec Platinum and Cardas Hex5 intercon., 5N silver custom made speaker wire, Balanced Interlink digital cable, Salamander 5 shelf rack, Velidyne Servo 1200 sub. Video: Hitachi 50" UltraVision, Pioneer DV-414, RCA Sat. System, Mitsubiti Receiver (Dolby Digital+DTS)NHT Super Zero's with North Creek X-overs another Velidyne servo 1200. I love them both! PS; I am lost without spell checker maybe Audiogon should add one.
My system Grado Platinum cartridge,Rega Planar-25 and RB600 tonearm.Rogue Audio 99 preamp with phono.Linestage has NOS GE's,phono stage has Telefunkins and Radiotechniques.H.T.Pro-Silway MK 2 Interconnects go to my stock Dynaco ST-70.It has NOS R.C.A.7199's and Svetlana EL-34's.Next in line are a double run of Tara Phase 2 space and time.My speakers are Paradigm Studio 80's(92db) I have a home made wall shelf with a Bright Star Audio BIG ROCK which sits under my Rega-25.I have a home made rack for my Rogue and Black Diamond cones #4 under the Rogue.My Dyna sits on a homemade amp stand with J.A.Mitchell tender Feet under the amp.I have a $20.00 yard sale N.E.C. C.D.player for the 2 C.D.s I own.Kimber PBJs for that.I have a record Dr.record cleaning machine and use home made cleaner.The recipe came from Wes Phillips.I use groove glide,Last products,Zero-stat gun,Decca brush,Rat Shack EMI/RFI chokes on power cords.All but the amp fed into a Monster A/V 800.I have 2 dedicated outlets and 2 dedicated breakers.My next amp will be a Pass Aleph 3 or 5.I also need a better cartridge some time soon.
David, try a Benz LO4 cartridge sometime. Hey, I'd forgotten that you had Rogue products. I just ordered a Model 88 amp, I'll let you know what I think of it (my ss amp isn't going anywhere, though). The reviewer who did the TAS review of the 88 is a dunderhead, IMHO, but no review is perfect anyhow, I guess. Your $20 CD player is just killer funny, I love that! Good luck with whatever it is that makes you happy, heh heh...Maybe I'll become a tubehead full force now, or not...
Carl,Are you getting KT-88 tubes for the Rogue?? My dealer Mario,owner of TOYS FROM THE ATTIC is selling his 88 demo for $880 it has KT-88s.They do make a big differene.Mark O'Brien who is the head man @ Rogue is awesome!! If you have ANY question E-mail him or call him.He is just a regular guy.I hope you enjoy your quest into TUBE LAND.I think you will eventually end up with a pair of WONTANS!!! HEE,HEE,HEE.You can always use your Krell to cook eggs on!!! HO,HO,HO!!! Good luck !! the cartridge advice is good.It is one I am considering.....
Yes, it has the KT-88's. I'm paying $950, plus shipping, but this unit has never even been assembled, brand new. Yes, please try the Lo4. I feel that the Ruby 2's output is so low, that few phono preamps are quiet enough for it. I know there are those with much lower ouptut than it, but you'd REALLY need a quiet phono stage for those! The Lo4's is just right (.85 mv), and the thing is just...effortless music!
Carl,you got a great deal on the 88.Mario's 88 demo is the old unit.Mark added heavier face plate to the "new"88's,plus you will have fresh tubes.Demos are cheaper but who knows really what they have been through in the store.My 99 I bought brand new for $1425.00 plus my Black Cube.($2400.00) I only paid $500 for the cube so I think I got a good deal.Mario threw in the NOS tubes in the line stage also.Extra 60 bucks value@ no extra charge.Its fun to experiment with tubes.The KT-88 tubes you have are keepers.The 12AX7s and 12AU7s in the 88 you may want to roll.I have those tube in my phono stage.I got rid of the sovtek 12AX7 LPS(too noisy) I got Telefunkins that made a HUGE improvement.The 2 12AU7s that came with the Rogue are NOS military grade Jan Phillips.They are decent NOS's! But on the advice of Kevin Deal I replaced them with Radiotechniques.If you want to try the NOS 12Au7 Phillips I will send them to you.If you like them you can have them as a welcoming gift into tubeland.Whats the deal on the TAS review.You mentioned the review was not that great(?) I am considering auditioning the 88 demo from Mario and your purchase of one and future review has me excited.You should start a thread for it.
Thanks, everyone. Keep them comming! No women out there? Don't know what you're missing! Here's what I have: JmLabs Electra 905, crossed over with a mirage BPSS-210 sub and LFX-2 crossover; Aragon Aurum pre, Aragon 8002 amp. Classe DAC-1, with an older EAD T-1000 transport. Interconnects are Delta Labs Silver Reference. Speaker cable is MITerminator-2, for which I'm still looking for a suitable replacement. Power cords are all from Gutwire. Surge protector is a Panamx 1000(not for amp). I might change the speakers to Mini Utopias when I move later this summer. Not sure it's worth it yet, or that the wife will let me("they cost how much? Are you crazy?") I think that's about it... keep it comming!
Of course I'll start a thread for the 88, goes without saying! Thanks for the offer very much, David, I may take you up on it. The deal on the 88 review was, the guy was an amateur, and didn't belong in TAS! DA GONE IT, I should review equipment someday!!! I need to get paid for it...I mean, I can hear (I love music/audio) and am reasonably verbally inclined (and can type), so I hate to see somebody NOT do justice to a review. It's like when you're driving fast in the left lane, and some doogong gingerly slides in front of ya, without even lookig in the rearview mirror!.............................A great many of us here in this forum are better at reviewing than most of 'em on the online "webzines", too! And some of us think we're as good as some of the best, sometimes rightly, sometimes wrongly..............BTW, NONE of the "best reviewers" are regularly published by any of the "webzines", that I'm aware of, IMHO. Although some have started their own, like Wes Phillips....
Carl,After I read you were looking for a S.F.ST-80 I checked around and contacted Mario...914-421-0069 He said they are a very good amp but rarely got one in.Well yesterday he E-mailed me and he just yesterday got one in along with a line 2.He said "around" $1500.00 for the ST-80 but that usually means 12 or 13 hundred.Personally I think the Rogue is a better deal.Im sure you will just love a tube amp.Of course you wont have the wallop and detail of your Krell but you will have something better,MUSIC!!!! Theres a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold...............
I have a pair of Infinity Kappa Perfect 10" in a speaker box, a Pioneer 9200R headunit, and for interior speakers 2 pairs of Polk Audio 6 1/2" coaxial speakers. =)
Combining old tech. with new tech. For clean power and lots of it, Pioneer SX-1980, to play music, Sony DVP-S7700 and an Monarchy 22-A DA converter. For base, Velodyne CT-120 subwoofer, to reproduce the mid's and high's a pair of Infinity SM-255's. Excellent soundstage, fantastic detail nice tight base clean mids and highs. Sometimes I use a Pioneer Series 20 A-27 inter. amp. Not quite the power of the SX-1980 but every bit as good, if not better in sound reproduction.
Jmlab electra line for music and HT with 905 for front; Classe CAV75amp; Classe ssp25 pre-amp, Classe CDP1.5; Sony S7700 DVD; PS300 power line; Sony Wega TV; Cable (have 5 models for audition Harmonic Tech Pro-silk and 9, NBS monitor 4, Nordost Blue Heaven, Nordost Red Dawn, Cardas Neutral Ref); Can't find any chair due to my wife gets involved, sit on the floor now. Next upgrade will be a good amp for 2 channel, and go to Jmlab mini Utopia
CJ Premier 11A,CJ Premier 16LS,CAL CL-10,Thiel 2.3's using soon to be upgraded Monster amd MIT cables.
Sota Star Saphire turntable; SME V tonearm; Grado Reference Cartridge; connected to BAT VK P5 phono preamp via Transparent Reference phono cable. Sony SCD-1 CD player connected to BAT VK 50 SE via Nordost Quattro Fils interconnects for SACD - connected to Wadia 27ix via Illunminati D-60 digital cable. BAT VK 50SE preamp connected to Genesis Servo Amp via Magnan Vi cables and to BAT VK-60 monoblocks via Nordost Quattro Fils interconnects; connected to Genesis 300 speakers via Nordost SPM speaker wire.