What is the best sounding HDCD?

I've listened to Willie Nelson's "Teatro" several times this week and am impressed with the its wondeful sonic quality. This HDCD encoded disc really puts the musicians in the room with you, and the songs ain't half bad either.
There have been quite a few threads here where members are looking for HDCDs in general. I'm wondering what you consider the best recorded HDCD disc? The music is not the question here because that's just too subjective.
BTW another great sounding HDCD is "A Nod to Bob." This compilation disc, on Red House Records, was put together to honor Bob Dylan on his 60th birthday by the label's talent. Fabulous sound along with great songs. Enjoy.
Carly Simon, Spy, Elektra 506-2 "Memorial Day" right after the 4:00 minute mark.
I think that John Hammond's "Wicked Grin" (Pointblank)is also a wonderful HDCD recording... Check it out if you can!
Teatro is amazing. Here's some others:

Chris Isaak -- Baja Sessions
Joni Mitchell -- Hissing of Summer Lawns
Dire Straits -- Sultans of Swing (Very Best of D. S.)

For a complete list of releases currently available, go to:


Also, check out Reference Recordings new site:

www referencerecordings.com
Herve1, I agree. Hammond's disc is for me, the best sounding of this type of recording...
Just ordered the John Hammond cd. I'll give it a listen and get back on it. Thanks for tip.
I have a copy of Chris Isaak's Baha sessions but haven't really listened to it yet, must get to it. As for Joni Mitchell, her HDCD discs are great. Besides the obvious masterpieces "Blue" and "Court and Spark" I really like "Turbulent Indigo."
Recvd the John Hammond cd today. The sound quality is exceptional. I'll have to listen to this a few more times to get a feel for the music but it is promising. Thanks for the tip Herve1 and Mang53. Finding music of this type is what this site is best for.
Just about any of the discs from David Grisman's "Acoustic Disc" label are HDCD & superbly recorded. Garcia & Grisman "So What" is one of my favs.
Without a doubt (from what I've heard anyway) Rachmaninoff's Symphonic Dances. It actually won awards for one of the best recordings or something.

I owned a Cambridge Audio CDP that could decode HDCD, but the indicator light was burned out, so I never knew what CDs I listen to had this capability unless I paid close attension to the liner notes/disc. I never sought out HDCDs nor thougth they had much merrit. I recently replaced the Cambridge with another HDCD player and discoved which of my CDs were actually HDCDs. Here are a couple of CDs I always thought were outstanding redbook recordings, but just recently found out they were actually HDCDs because my new player indicated it.

Beck - Sea Change
Bryan Ferry - As Time Goes By

There are others that I'll post later.

I just found out that Neil Young's latest, Prairie Wind, is HDCD encoded. I wasn't looking for the logo when I bought the CD so I was pleasantly surprised when that blue light came on. Now that I look again, the HDCD logo is clearly visible on the CD cover. I don't know if it's the best HDCD but it is very good!
Chris Isaak, Baji Sessions
Eric Clapton, Reptile
Mark Knopfler, Golden Heart
The Mavericks, Trampoline
The Derailers, Full Western Dress
Dixie Chicks, Home
While listening to Lucinda Williams' Car Wheels on a Gravel Road I noticed the HDCD indicatoe light on. Add this to your list.
My first HDCD, and still one of my favs is Beck's "Sea Change." In some ways I prefer it to the SACD.
Put John Prine's "Souneviers" cd in last night and noticed the HDCD indicator came on. No indication on the cd or packaging. It has a very nice, relaxed sound.
1)+ 2) Patricia Barber (two)- Cafe Blue and Modern Cool.
3) Jimmie D. Lane - It's Time
4) Neil Young - Greendale