What item sold you cannot live without??

I recently sold my PS Audio P300 with multiwave,and now Im regretting it,the sound just doesnt seem "right"..is there anything you absolutely regret selling..?..oh the other item I sold to "upgrade" was my beluved Cardas Golden Cross interconnects...Im still recovering from that mistake..
A pair of mint Totem Mani-2. The speakers were perfect, not
a single flaw. I ended up buying another pair, just love the way they sound.
Didn't sell but returned a dealer demo pair of BEL 1001 Mk IV amps (200 watts mono).
Best component I've ever heard (Halcro amps right up there, however).
I also miss my Allied horn monitors from the sixties.
Horn tweeter, midrange, 12 inch woofer.
Used to drive these with a 25 watt Kenwood receiver.
Made some beautiful music...
I sold a pair of Sony SS M9 speakers. They are probably one of the most underrated speakers ever made. They sound great and sell soo cheap now! I wish I still had them.
My 3 speed mossberg bicycle and a baseball autographed by all the 1973 Cleveland Indians. Audio equipment is fungible.
A pair of Energy 1.8 speakers. I chose the NHT 3.3 for the long haul but the Energys far surpassed anything else I have ever heard in soundstage and layering. A gut wrenching decision.
Sold some common stock for $15 that I paid $7 for. Was so glad to more than double my money, until the stock continued to go up to $80.

My problem is the opposite. I have a lot of gear I am currently not using, that I can't seem to part with. Too nice to let go, since they are no longer made..
Thiel CS7s, the original. I wish I had kept them and upgraded them to 7.2 with Thiel's kit.
Had a Marantz 4 channel receiver with a little oscilloscope and 4 JBL L200 studiomasters speakers for a "groovy" very early 70's quad setup.

Wish I had the same damn setup just for fun.

Kind of like Sugarbrie at present. I regret selling the JBL's and now hang on to stuff. Still have my Apt Holman preamp a couple of Hafler 500's and marcof setup for moving coils, Nak cassette deck, Infinity 4.5's, Revox Reel to Reel, mostly because I even though I don't use it presently, I might!!!!
Sugarbrie, I did the same thing you did--sold my stock and it kept going up, and up. Oh how I suffer.

Audiowise ( ooh--potential trade name ? ) I wish I'd kept my Wireworld Gold Starlight. Haven't heard a digital cable to beat it yet, esp. at the price. And taxes are going to force me to sell my second player, a Shanling CD-S100 MkII which I think is one of the best deals ever.