What's supporting your speakers?

I've had a lot of luck with Rollerballs or variants thereof under my electronics, including, surprisingly enough, a Power Plant. Seems like, in my system, the speakers just disappear a little bit more everytime I hit on a really successful tweak. i have ETC spikes under my Martin Logans right now, but was wondering if anyone has found a really great speaker footer.
I am using Audio Points by Star Sound Technologies. Prior to that were the spikes that came standard with my optional Sound Anchor stands. Phenomenal difference and perhaps the most shocking/unexpected improvement I've noticed to date.

I had Put Seunsom custom design some beautiful solid brass cones , caps and coasters for my Pipedream 21 towers and they are simply breath taking. He always posts on the Gon.
Janet's Nipple Rings! Seriously, heavy weight monitors with integral stands (Peak InCognitos, 92 pounds per side!) each one sitting on 4 Aurios 1.0's, which sit on a carbon fiber board, on carpet. Furniture shims between carpet and C.F. board, to level, as needed. "We don't need no stinkin' spikes!" Oh Yeah, audio heaven!
I also use Aurios MIB 1.0's, three beneath each Clements RT-7 floorstanding speaker. The three Aurios MIB 1.0's rest upon marble ( I was at Home Depot, and forgot to use Granite) tiles supported by the original heavy metal bases from the speaker manufacturer. There is a flat rug with padding on wooden floor supported by steel beams (overzealous builder) beneath the heavy metal bases, and somehow, this all self-leveled the tiles beneath the Aurios. The transmission line bass thunders deeply, and pitch accurately, while the ribbon tweeter delivers musical, and extended treble output. So, I am in the floating speaker camp, and happy. When someone accidentally bumps against one of the tall speakers, and it starts to float back and forth, it can scare the uninitiated.
I put large chunks of fresh red meat under my speakers. From the high amplitude low frequency vibrations, the meat is slowly tenderized to perfection. Only thing is, you have change your speaker supports daily or they draw flies : ) Sean
My monitors are sitting atop the Sistrum Mini Monitor Platform system. There is a review in the archives about them, giving you the specifics. Incredible. peace, warren
I've got my cdm-7SE's with factory spikes sitting on 16"x16" cast stone column capitols inverted and resting on the floor. These things weigh approx. 50 lbs. each and are extremely dense. They made an incredible improvement in bass response and tautness. One of these days I plan to upgrade the spikes (if not the speakers). I got them from a nearby cast stone plant as rejects that were sitting in their inventory yard for $20 each.
I use granite platforms, a full 2" thick and under them 4 vibrapods. The improvement has made the bass much less boomy (antique house with pine floors) and much more detailed. In fact, it has increased the bass output and what is on the disc you get from the speakers.....also they are very good looking as well. If the speakers were on carpet, I would use some type of cones under the granite. Milo
Makes sence. Their floorstanders.
Carolina Audio JSM & Jordan transmission line subs.
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Tvad first off I am a Sistrum dealer..I used Sistrum Sp1's under my Dunlavy Sc4's and then later stepped up to the Sp101's.. reason so I could horizontally align the drivers left to right..Have used the smaller platforms as well..under smaller Thiels, Merlin, Paradigm, Dahlquist, all makes of subs.The coolest thing and a huge improvement was Sp101's under Klipsch corner horns ..radical difference..Tom
Used Sistrum under my Thiels. What a difference! Very cool to look at, as well. They have a money back guarentee. You got nothing to lose. You won't return them. peace, warren
I use Mana Soundstages beneath Neat Ultimatum MF7's. Also with a money back guarantee and exceptional performance.The design effectively breaks the feedback loop from speaker to floor and back towards the system whilst providing for increased resolution,air and openess,improved articulation,better defined timbres,textures and dynamic shadings,greater precision of staging,and a more extended,authoritative, tuneful and delineated bass.Highly recommended.
Symposium Svelte Shelves for speakers under Dynaudio Sapphires.

Used as per instructions - they are right on the carpet and the speaker plinth with no spikes sits right on them.

Obvious improvements in every area immediately.

I will upgrade to Svelte Plus version sometime.