What stand mount monitors works w/ Pass XA 30.5?

I have a Pass XA 30.5 and I'm looking or a great stand mount speaker with reasonable efficiency to match up with my 30 watt Pass. I'm doing this backwards, buying the amp first but I like the Pass sound and I have a smallish room and pair of 26" Sound Anchor stands,hence my need for a monitor. I'm trying to stay under 4k for the speakers new or used. Any help would be appreciated.
My Focal Electra 1037BE worked quite well with XA 30.5, and I'd imagine 1007BE would also work well.
Look into VMPS 626R monitors. They are extremely revealing speakers that still sound beautiful and dynamic. Look at upgrading with auricaps, sound deadening, and megawoofers. The total package new is about 2400.00 with a dealer/agent discount. Bass down to 37 hz. and a see through clarity that is stunning. 30 watts would work.
i used an XA-30.5 with Revel Gems to good effect. it's a great amp that sounds FAR larger than one would presume based on it's specs.
With your budget and your amp (which I also own), I think you have a lot of great options.

Jylee mentioned one I have heard at length: The Focal 1007be. It sounds excellent with the XA30.5 -- transparent, detailed, expressive. The 1007be has a touch of treble emphasis, though, so your source shouldn't be bright or etched, or you will hear it.

You'll get more helpful suggestions if you tell us about your preferences, or previous speakers you owned, what you liked about them, what you didn't.

That is good advise! I had a pair of the 1007be speakers three back and liked but I sold them to buy Diablo Utopias which, call me crazy but I did not like them as well, says a lot for the 1007bes. I have read that Monitor Audio has new line of Monitor stand mounts that use ribbons are a not a tuff load.
The easy to drive and excellent performance of the Coincidence Technology Triumph Extreme II's are definitely worth a listen. I have five of them in my surround system and love them. Also, instead of the Coincident speaker stands, which are excellent, you can get the Coincident passive subwoofers which also act as speaker stands. This way you get far more bottom oomph plus perfect speaker height. I use these subwoofers on the front two speakers of my surround system.

There are two pairs of JM Lab Mini Utopias currently for sale on Audiogon. They’re terrific speakers and would make an excellent pairing with your Pass amplifier, IMO.
Personally, I vote for the LSA Statement 1 Monitors. Had older pair of B & W 802 Matrix and Harbeth P3esr and the LSA are so much nicer. They really if not blow away all else in under $3000 monitors they excel at everything. Using Crimson interconnects and speaker cable.

I recently swapped out my LS-50s for Monitor Audio Silver 300 7G. They actually have a smaller footprint than my KEFs on their stands. They also cast a much larger soundstage (my ONLY issue with LS-50s) and do not require a subwoofer. Their big brothers, the 500s, identical except 2-8" woofers instead of 2-6.5" are Stereophile Class A listed. If you can live with bass just to ~40 Hz, I'd highly recommend them. If you want more, then the Gold Series 200 offers the same configuration with a ribbon tweeter and more sophisticated cabinets. Excepting Magnepans, which won't work in my room, I've never had speaker that got so much right.

I paired the Pass 30.5 with the Reference 3a decapo be's and I found it to be a very good match. I have also heard the Pass 30.5's with the Silverline Sr17 supremes and it was heaven. 

Have fun