what to buy? so confused.

My current setup includes, B&W802d's B&wHTM2 center, B&w scsm surround, B&w855 sub. Everything is powered through Rotel RB 1090, 1095, rsp 1068. The Rotel amps just are not fitting in. I am considering krell 600x2,-- 403 400x3 that should be enough power for 5.1 /or krell 350mcx mono, another option is classe 5500 200x5 and classe 2200 200x2. only other option is a proceed hpa2 250x2 and proceed 5 channel. some options will allow for 5 channel while some only allow for 7. im not concerned about 7 channel at this moment, I can add that.
I woulr rather not spend over $10,000. but i cold be off a few hundred. what you some of you choose if this was your system?
I have a Butler TDB-5150 Tube/MOSFET hybrid amp - it sounds *wonderful*. All the balls of a great MOSFET amp coupled with legendary tube sweetness. This is powering an all-Gallo Reference surround sound system - I'm in Heaven!


If you need/want more power, Butler makes a killer 250 Watts/Ch. amp called the TDB-2250, a real beast!

There are so many options that you haven't considered. You need to slow down and get a chance to hear a wider variety of gear. Travel if necessary, and hear more stuff. Cheers,

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I'm running pretty much the same speakers as you. Except in the rear, I'm using a pair of 804s. On the center, surrounds and rear, I use a Krell TAS and on the front channels, I use CARY 211AE mono amps. Works great. This combination is wonderful for theather and surround and is super for two channel. If you can't swing the Cary 211AE mono amps, the CARY CAD 120S works very good.
thanks for all your suggestions, my dealer does have a 5 channel classe. im going to audition it with a pair of 802d's. the same dealer has the krell mono 350mc for $7,000, but I can get the demo classe 5 channel for $5700, should be a no brainer! I know krell is awesome but I can have a 5 channel amp and still have over $1000 left. perhaps to buy a classe 2x200. that would allow me my 7 channel system. i trying to stay within no more than 7,000 budget. I still have to sell my rotel 1090 and 1095 depending on what they sell for, that may ease the sting alittle.
I have heard various 800-series B&W's (both 's' and 'd' models) with the Classe 5-channel and 2200 (2-channel) stereo amps you are referring to run with balanced connectors. The amps and speakers sound great together and are tested together from what I have been told by Classe and B&W. They are a very nice match. If you can, also try to hear the CAM-400 mono-blocks which are a large step up. They do pop up on A-gon periodically and would also be an amazing fit for your 802d's if you can stretch your budget. In any case, the 5-channel and 2-channel will not dissappoint you in their frequency response, musicality, imaging, air, mids or treble reproduction. This is also a combination I considered buying at one point based upon what I heard.
Why do you conclude that the amps are the problem? Lots of variables to consider. What is it that you don't like?
I would look for a Pass Labs 250.5/350.5 (depending on what I can afford) for my 802's and a Pass Labs X-3 or an X-5 for the center and rears. My 350.5 and my X-5 is a perfect match for my 802's and 805's
what about mcintosh amps? ive read articles that say they match together with B&W.
I could buy an mc207 200w x 7 channel
mc205 200w x 5 channel
mc303 3oow x 3
mc205 with monoblocks for 2 channel listening system.
sorry to add so many different options, I located a dealer that has classe and mcintosh in thw same store.

I could even have rotel amps and a compltevio
My dealer also recommended the new Denon AVP-A1HDCI and POA-A1HDCI. Not sure why he would recommend Denon over krell and Classe, maybe less expensive, but I cant see how denon can compare to classe and krell. seems like comparing a chevy with a ferrari. Am I missing something? has Denon done something spectacular to compare with these music giants. I have decided that I may purchase the classe ssp800 for my processor. and the Krell 350mc mono for my fronts with the classe 5 channel to finish things off. but now I can buy both denon amps for 10,000. much less money but am I sacrificing my 2 channel and theater? anyone heard about these denon amps?
Sounds like you need to slow down and do more listening. You can get recommendations for amps / pre-amps / sources / cables / etc. all day long, but we still don't know what you're trying to fix, so the recommendations may not be all that helpful. The only thing we probably are sure of is that you seem to want to throw money blindly at your system.
I agree with Nreenter; please let us know what you are trying to fix above. I do not know anything about the Denon equipment you reference above. Have you listened to Krell in both CAST and non-CAST configurations? Do you like/know the sound? FWIW, I would not suggest the Krell mono's mixing in with the Classe 5-channel and the SSP800. If you like Krell sound, I'd suggest listening to an all Krell system (both Evolution and previous generation) and be sure you hear it in CAST as well as non-CAST modes so you'll know what it sounds like in a homogeneous as well as heterogeneous system.

Having owned an SSP600 and been VERY happy with it, I'd say you are on a great track with either an SSP600 or its successor the SSP800 and that you should listen to an all-Classe system with your B&W speakers. Specifically, if you want to have mono-blocks on your front L/R channels, I'd recommend the Classe CAM-400 mono-blocks with the 5-channel Classe amp to complete the system. Try listening to that first before mixing in things from other manufacturers.

I'd also suggest widening your search to include other manufacturers so you make an informed decision...again, all offered 'for what it is worth...'. Best of Luck!
I agree, I don't wanna mix my components. Im not sure if it makes sense to buy a classe 3 channel when I can buy the 5 channel for $1,000 more. The denon reviews look impressive however, if something were to need repair you lose your entire system. I would prefer to keep the front 3 at the same wattage, as far as the rear, 100w should be plenty. they dont do that much anyway. I could buy the classe 400 mono for the fronts for 2 channel listening. later buy the 5 ch. 200 watts to complete my 7.1 system. I may run sound to 2 diff. sources. the ssp800 has 2 zones, the Denon piece has 3. I feel like I have ferrari speakers with chevy amps. ie. denon. if I classe, then I believe I would complement the system properly. I like my dedicated 2ch cd listening however, when im watching a movie, I wanna be in the movie. I have the speakers and sub, now I need the correct amp setup. its between the classe seperates and the new denon seperates. check these out and let me know what your opinions are. AVP-A1HDCI and POA-A1HDCI. I can purchase both these for $10,000 and be done. buying the classe would cost more, is it worth it? I guess I need to audion the denon with the 802's and determine which sounds best. the classe ssp800 is comparable with denon's AVP-A1HDCI, the denon would be $1500less. is it worth it to purchase the classe or am I wasting money just for the name? I watch 80% blu ray and dvd movies. 5.1 and the rest 2 channel. I hope this helps some.
The write-up and other details behind the Denon equipment looks promising however my best and only advice is to audition and listen with your speakers, cables, power, etc...in your own listening room. I can describe in more detail (via phone if you like, send me an email) what I heard with Classe, Edge, Rotel, Krell, and several other brands that I've listened to quite a bit over the last few years while I made my system choices but that is not as valuable to you as your own first-hand experience with your own speakers, room, etc....I also agree with Mapman in many respects; you have to look across the whole system and determine what you are trying to achieve sonically and musically. I can tell you one thing about Classe and Edge, namely that their service and customer response are first-rate based upon personal experience.