When did AudiogoN become a Showcase for The Music Room?

I get that AgoN has to make money but this is too much.  When I see a succession of ads with oddball prices (e.g., $1724), I know to skip.  This reseller appears to work on a percentage basis for private sellers looking to cash out.  I had a good transaction once with TMR but the prices seem to be high retail, little price flexibility, and the time I tried to ask a question I could not reach the person with authority to speak.  This takes the fun out of taking a flyer and experimenting with pre-owned gear for me.
I find myself spending more time on hobbyist resale sites.  Interested to know what others think.
I think they're just trying to make a living working with something that  they enjoy.

I bought a preamp from them and being from the Denver area, I went to their place and picked it up. It's not just a guy working out of a garage, they actually have retail space with lots of gear to push. I saw a staff of about 4-5 people.

They'll do consignment or they'll buy outright. I have no idea the reasoning why they price things the way they do, but yeah they have a lot more overhead than a hobbyist.
I understand not liking so much structure in looking for gear - half of the fun is looking for that great deal. They're pricing may not be great, but if you looking for something specific and unable to find it else where, well the laws of supply/demand kick in

My opinion, YMMV
I have done a transaction with TMR and it was flawless.  They offered an appropriate tradin value for my preamp and sold me what I considered an upgrade at a very competitive price.  The shipping both ways was handled well and packaging of what was shipped to me was bulletproof.   Communication was also excellent.  
TMR are great folks. I sold a few things and got a lot better price than another place (forgot who that was). Transaction was very easy and good communication.
PS Audio started a trade in program a couple of years ago that has been very successful and is very generous.  Who resells those trade ins?  TMR for the most part.  So in addition to buying direct from users they also have all those PS Audio trade ins to sell, hence a very large volume.
TMR is a good company. I bought from them twice and the products were fairly priced and as described. No complaints about that.   However, they do flood the classifieds.  I posted something for sale a while back. I waited until a Friday afternoon so it would have a decent chance to sell and I was at the top of the list.  TMR then proceeded to flood the classifieds with close to 80 items and my ad ended up way down the list at the bottom of the page.  I guess no one noticed it and after 30 days I reposted the ad. Back at the top of the page it sold very quickly. 

I think there should be a separate classified section strictly for dealers.   This way, all of us can be happy. 
When did AudiogoN become a Showcase for The Music Room?
After payment to Agon.   Where's the problem???

bought an Anthem multi-channel amp from TMR a month ago for my Home Theater and it was a good value, as advertised and well packed. their communication in the transaction was first rate.

their other AudiogoN ads I see seem consistent and offer fair value.

highly recommended.

It's a free market economy so if you find value in what a retailer does you should vote for it with your dollars and expect more of the same.  My transaction with TMR was OK, so I am not criticizing them or their business model.  I am looking for an engaged hobbyist exchange at less than used retail prices.  Dealing with audio enthusiasts has risks of its own which is another expression of cost I suppose. To quote Hans Beekhuyzen, "Whatever you do enjoy the music."
A week ago + I called TMR to inquire about a possible purchase with a trade. The dude that answered my call took all of my info and told me he would get back to me ’asap’. Well,I still have not heard from TMR. My bottom line!!! You snooze you loose. I moved on...
@aolmrd1241 Same thing happened to me about a month ago. Even asked me to fill out the form on their site after talking w/me about it. Never contacted me. I won't be calling again. Cheers,
I contacted TMR about an item I wanted to sell. They offered me an okay price but after all, they do have to make money. I filled out the form and received a reply the same evening. They also followed up a couple of times. Quite frankly, I think they have a brilliant business model. As long as the gear they sell functions well and it's shipped properly then all should be good. I have no problem with them. Besides, people like to complain about dealers advertising here but why not? If they have a piece of gear people want then it helps the buyer. It also helps generate revenue for the 'gon which keeps it viable. As long as folks are honest it's all good in my book.