Where to get marching band recordings?

I cant seem to find any in stores.

I'm with Slappy on this one. WHO CARES!

On a more positive note how about the sound track to the movie Drum line?
I'd start by contacting any university known for their band.
They probably have recordings to satisfy alumni demand.
I'd like to obtain some Scottish Tatoo recordings or fife and drum for Fourth of July.
This music can be very intense and inspiring!
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Go to Amazon.com, Music, and put in "Sousa" as composer in the search box. (You will get more than Sousa).
Dweller is right. I do know for a fact that the University of Wisconsin Marching Band has made CDs in the past. IMO, they are a great band (I am an alumnus, so perhaps a little biased). Contact the Music dept., marching band, Mike Lekhrone (sp?) is the band director.
I think Hal Leonard Music will have what you're looking for, but I was not able to access their site. I used to work for a non-music division of this company and I know a big part of their market was in marching band music.